Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How I Make You Feel Better About Your Issues Part Two

I have many, many issues. Last weekend I went on my eldest daughter's first overnight trip with her Girl Scout troop. I chaperoned because I wanted to be there for my daughter and have some fun one on one time with her and also because I am stooooopid.

I shared about the first issue that I faced on the trip yesterday. This was only about 20 minutes after arriving at the destination Ye Wonderful Water Park (YWWP).

Besides the whole problem of trying to socialize with women that I do not know well, (Dang, what is with the having to talk to people to get to know them? I don't know how to do that correctly.) I also had to share a sleeping room with 3 children (one my own) and another mother. The sleeping arangements were to be that 2 girls (mine and the girl who had no parent chaperone) were going to share a queen and the other girl would have a queen to herself. The two grown ups were supposed to share the king bed.

Awkward! Hi! I've met you like 4 times in my life and now I will share a (granted, large) bed with you! FUN!

I tried my damndest to get M to agree to sleeping with me but she would not budge from sleeping with her friend. So I sat in my chair and pretendend to surf the Internet (that would not work for me! Ack! Torture!) then read some of my book club book before I eventually had to give in and admit I was tired. I read some of another book I brought, reading by flashlight, in a king-size bed with a woman I've met 4 or 5 times. I felt my stomach rumble from hunger...then it turned to feeling like I might have to pass gas.

The room was so quiet. QUIET. WTF? I can't sleep in silence.

Rumble rumble rumble. By 2 a.m. I took a sleeping pill. It did nothing.

I tried to sleep on my side so I didn't snore. It was uncomfortable. I rolled to the other side. So comfy for bed mates for the tossing and turning. Her daughter had a bad dream...the girl who was sleeping in a queen bed by herself. She cuddled and I assumed she would sleep with her daughter. No. Didn't happen. I had fantasies of sleeping in an empty bed. I was still awake at 3 a.m.

Perhaps I slept by 4...until 7. Ahhh! Sweet slumber. heh heh heh. I wanted someone to stick a fork in my eye. Unfortunately, with the girls' "inventions" of new beverages even the cups available in the room were used. Even anti-anxiety and sleep-inducing meds were unlikely to work.

And they didn't.

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Amanda said...

My eyes are burning for you.

Madeline said...

Yikes! At least it's over.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Very awkward sleeping arrangements. The things we mamas do for love.

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