Monday, May 17, 2010

How Do You Control the Summer Calendar?

So begins the extra busy time of year. From about mid-April the weeks begin to fill with even more obligations than before. It's like the time from Thanksgiving through New Year's. Everyone has plans. You're invited to graduations, birthday parties, picnics, what-have-you. Before you know it you look at the calendar and notice you have maybe 3 "free" weekends during the summer and you just know that those will be filled too because really it is only May and we are lucky enough that some people seem to want to spend time with us. (And yes I realize I changed pronouns in that sentence. Sue me.)

There are thoughts that we should decline invitations so that we can just relax, but if it is at all possible, we try to attend any events we're invited to share in simply because we feel honored to be included. When I take my son to a classmate's party and discover he is one of only 3 other guests (and the only boy) it speaks volumes to me about the kind of person he is. He was chosen out of all the other kids to celebrate a little girl's birthday.

On that same order, we appreciate every person who chooses to celebrate with us. My kids think long and hard about who they want to invite to their parties and feel appropriately pleased when those friends are able and willing to come to the parties.

But there are still times that I look at the calendar and sigh and think wouldn't it be wonderful to have a "free" weekend? How do you decide which invites to accept and which to decline? Do you ever decline even though you have nothing else planned?

Also, I'm posting at Midwest Parents this week. Please come see me there too!

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Madeline said...

I try to go to most of what I'm invited to if I can, but then I've only got one munchkin. The more I have, the more protective of our time I'll probably get.

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