Friday, March 26, 2010

Science and Crafts

We went to the library yesterday. I'm a little ashamed to admit that it has been many months since we have set foot inside the quiet building. I tried to take my kids at various points when they were younger with varying success. My son typically had trouble keeping his voice down and keeping his body in check (i.e. not jumping, running, climbing, what-have-you). Both of the older kids got their own library cards just before they entered Kindergarten. I thought it was a fitting rite of passage that I will continue when D is about to start as well (sob!).

After probably a one-year hiatus, we brought back the FUN BOX for this break from school. We've done more than one thing most days this time. So far this break we've done things such as going to see an "Ice Age" exhibit at a local nature center, bought stickers at the dollar store, traced one another on the big roll of newsprint paper we have, built a fort, and ate dessert before supper (one scoop of ice cream at about 3 p.m.).

Yesterday we were supposed to visit the library bookstore which translated into also visiting the library. It went surprisingly well. We may actually be able to return to regular library visits. The book store yielded a few American Girl finds such as Hair, which, with the length of M's hair will be really fun to try new styles. K Man, with his love of tinkering and creating, found some science experiment books. I'll be honest. This aspect scared me to no end. BUT. It seems to be fine. So far.

D got a board book and she was happy because she is just that kind of girl.

When we entered the library itself I was wary. Numerous question and answer periods had prefaced our entrance (with all the right answers so I knew they knew what was expected ... with the exception of D of course). I took a deep breath and we entered.

And it was wonderful. We went to the computer to search for what the big kids wanted. (M, American Girl activity books, experiment books.) They each waited patiently while the other searched and wrote down the location of their choices. (D, as she almost always is, was more patient than any 22-month-old in history.)

We had a lesson in the Dewey decimal system. (They don't teach that in school anymore?) The kids found some great books. We spent the afternoon after lunch and D's nap doing experiments and crafts.

It reaffirmed my knowledge that my children are intelligent, curious, unique and utterly amazing creatures. I only hope that most people they encounter believe the same.

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Madeline said...

Glad it was so great! I still haven't ventured into the library with Levi...other than for quick book pick ups and drop offs.

A Vapid Blonde said...

I cannot remember the last time I was in a library...oh wait yes I can. Someone left there coffee at my work and had mentioned they were going to the library so I went over with it to try and return luck. And apparently I have no desire to broaden my horizons.

anymommy said...

They will, at least, the people that matter will. We love the library. But, we're not very quiet.

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