Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random Thoughts #44

  • The Baby is on antibiotics for her strep throat. My husband now has a sore throat and will be going for a throat culture today. This Winter really bites. Is it Spring yet?
  • **We think** some frost in the ground caused a short in one of the electrical lines that feeds our house. I came home from D's ECFE class yesterday to find half the house without power. The power should be restored to everything but the stove today. The stove will have to wait until the ground thaws so they can run a new line to the house. Creative cooking ensues. I discover they do indeed still make hot plates and that it is really very slow to cook with them. We have our priorities and Craig used extension cords to power the television and my laptop from the one working outlet in the kitchen. The kids slept in the tent in our bedroom since we're all addicted to white noise to sleep and the power was off in their rooms. I continued to try to turn the light switches on even though I knew there was no power. I am a slow learner.
  • Why do kids have such a hard time remembering to flush the toilet?
  • Suddenly Miss M seems so much older than her 7 1/2 years. She's emotional (sorry about that little girl ... I pass on all the good stuff.) she's having friend issues, she's hitting all these difficult things at a much earlier age than I did. She's an amazing person and I want everyone to see that. Why are kids so mean to one another?
  • The K Man is mostly doing well. However, he has a little bully in his class as well. I had a very realistic dream last week about giving the little boy a what for and it felt wonderful. I am tempted to dish out some discipline in real life but I'm guessing he has some issues in his family life anyway. I don't know that he's really a bully to my son, but my son is quite sensitive so that plays a role too.
  • I'm fairly certain I'm one wrong move away from throwing out my back. It's lovely to anticipate. It's sort of similar to the rule that I must fall down the stairs every few years. I am very graceful.
  • So yeah, I watched the last episode of The Bachelor. I didn't watch all the episodes but I watched a few. I think Jake is an idiot. He chose the woman that had the "heat" instead of the one he was great friends with. The "heat" will fade. Then what? Idiot.
  • I kind of miss the short track skating.
  • Beware getting boxes of shelving out of your Target cart. I sliced a nice chunk off of one of my fingers doing so. It was the kind of slice that you don't feel pain until later. I noticed the blood and realized what I'd done. Fun times. Also? Ouch.
  • Drugs are good.
  • Ms. D looks promising to be an easier toilet learner. Shhhhhhh! Don't say anything and jinx it.
  • Is it really bad that my kids ask to skip school and I seriously consider the requests?
  • I have attempted to go green and buy those reusable shopping bags at Target. The problem is that I forget the bags in the car at least half the time.
  • Girl Scout Cookie season needs to end.

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for a different kind of girl said...

I forget to use my reusable bags, too, which is irritating for a couple reasons. One, I always have them in the little cubby between the front seats of the van, so I see them every dang day, and because I hate having all those plastic bags jammed in a corner of the garage after I get back from a shopping trip and have forgotten my reusable bags!

Target is supposedly taking 5 cents your purchase for every bag you re-use, but the cashiers never, ever seem to remember that. I know it's not a big deal, but I've become a bit of a coupon freak of late, and every little bit helps!

Between all the hurt hearts, hurt fingers, and hurting throats, I hope everyone starts to feel better soon.

Life As I Know It said...

My son is 8 and NEVER remembers to flush!

mayberry said...

So far 25% of our family has strep. Let's see what the percentage looks like in a few days ... and we'll be picking up our cookies on Thursday!!

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