Sunday, February 14, 2010

Simply Joy Sunday #56

Enjoying life just a little more by noticing little things that make me smile...

Valentines from my kids...
Valentines for my kids:
My husband is reinventing my scrapbook table to go in the new addition. I wish I'd thought to take a before photo but I'm not that smart. It was all white and had white tile in the center. It will soon have a solid center and will be very striking. That's all I'll say about it for now. I'll take a photo when it's done. It's going to look awesome.
Also, if you're not reading in a reader you may notice something different around here. I love it. New year (still near the start of the new year, right?), new look. I haven't had time for a new header yet (I still like to make my own headers). Thanks to NWDesigns (napwarden on Twitter) for the new look. I wanted something simple this year and it's just right.

How was your week? Did you notice little things that made you smile this week?

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mayberry said...

It's the first day of the CHINESE new year, so you're good!

Anonymous said...

love them! Amma

A Vapid Blonde said...

So I don't stop by for like a day and then WHOA...Change scares me.

Just kidding! It looks great! I'll be sending the book out tomorrow.

chelle said...

OOo love the new look!

Cute valentines!

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