Friday, February 26, 2010

Aweigh Week 6 The Final Week?

I don't know why I thought we had 2 weeks left last week. There is only one prize left and that is for today. So. My bad! Also? Me stoopid!

And gosh I hope our final contributor is still up for contributing! I've been a big slacker this round of Aweigh. I promise to do better next time. IF I do it again.

Anywho! This is is ladies! Last check in. Last prize.

Last week, the wonderful Chelle offered up a hand-knit prize...and it turns out she has the prize knit already! They are a beautiful pair of mittens. (Pretend I put the photo here. Man I am LAAAA-ZEEE.) She will let us know who the winner is soon! Thanks Chelle!

I will post my results later after I weigh as usual. This week I am almost positive I gained so YAY FOR ME ending on a negative note. ::Bangs head on keyboard:: I will say, in my defense, that I am making other changes in my life that will undoubted lead to weight loss eventually. I am optimistic.

The last prize is offered by Amanda, or Mrs. Dragon. Amanda graciously participates in Simply Joy Sunday here at Cool Zebras most weeks. She's pretty awesome. She's offering up some cards to our lucky winner this week. Please leave a comment if you're participating in Aweigh and tell us how you're going to keep up your forward momentum as well as your results for this week.

Thanks so much for participating in the second Aweigh. I'm hoping I'll be more proactive next year and get more sponsors, etc. We shall see.


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MrsDragon said...

To clarify, the cards will be like those I used to sell on Etsy, my flower cards, seen here:

and here:

I have a whole box of 'em, so I will contact the winner for their preferences in colors, sayings, etc. Winner picks six. : )

Bikini said...

I'm up half a pound. Ugh. I totally blame my monthly friend.

chelle said...

I think I lost one ... I have been up and down all week. SO frustrating!!!

I am sad this is over :(

MrsDragon said...

Weighed in at 158.8 this morning. So up slightly from last week, but down from where we started. : )

Heather said...

Thanks for clarifying Mrs. Dragon! Also, you were the winner of the mittens Chelle knit! I'll send you an email later on tonight!

I actually stayed the same this week, no gain, no better than I thought! I finish Aweigh 6 lbs. lighter than I started so that's good. I plan to continue to avoid snacking after 7 p.m. and get back to drinking water instead of diet sodas.

Thanks for participating everyone!

Chelsea said...

I lost another pound this week which in total I've lost about 5 ibs since starting this challenge, which I have to admit surprises me since in the beginning I was really good about working out but then stopped and haven't worked out in about a month. But I have been eating less due to working more during the daytime. Hopefully I can get back on track with working out. Thanks Heather for doing this challenge & do everyone for donating the prizes, it was fun!

A Vapid Blonde said...

I thought for sure I gained weight this week what with all my lonely drinking and not working out...lo and behold I actually lost a pound or three. You just never know.

Keep up the good work! (I am not a participant. Just a donor)

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