Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Aweigh Deets

The second round of Aweigh will start the week of January 18th. For the most part I don't plan to post anything about Aweigh on Mondays like I did last time, but we'll just post our "results" and whatever we want to talk about on Fridays.

This time instead of me fishing for prizes from people not participating I'd like to have each participant contribute a prize. I'll figure out a schedule for whose prize is up which week and let everyone know when it's their turn to host the prize. You'll draw the winner for your prize and be responsible for contacting the winner and sending the prize. You can decide how you want to choose the winner (based on weight loss, just leaving a comment, answering a question, whatever)

Of course if you don't want to participate, but would like to donate a prize anyway we won't turn you away! That would be a wonderful show of support to those who are trying to lose some weight. I'll link to your blog or shop or twitter profile if you'd like me to as a thank you for your generosity.

So, if you want to participate, please send me an email telling me what you'd like to contribute as a prize. (Please do so again if you already did back in November. I don't want to assume that nothing has changed since then.) I'd like to know all the prizes and participants by January 12th so that I can get the schedule organized. Also let me know if you want the participants to do something special like answer a question or whatever so that I can put that in the post the Friday of your giveaway.

I think I'll list/link participants in the sidebar too. (You do not need to have a blog or Twitter account to participate though!)

Any other suggestions or questions, please let me know!

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