Thursday, December 3, 2009

Life Snippets in Haiku

I am overwhelmed.
Christmas is in just 3 weeks.
I need a servant.


An era is done.
Ms. D has just weaned herself.
I am sort of sad.


Speaking of Ms. D,
she is now eighteen months old.
How did that happen?


I want to read blogs
but I don't have any time.
I will be back there.


I made my big kids
each pay me one dollar bill
for hearing them fight.


Yes, I kept the cash,
And I guess I will make more,
until they stop it.


No, I'm not going
to hold my breath on that one.
Siblings are so fun.


I'm thinking on some
changes in my life and hope
they make it better.


Do not ever think
I'd ever want to change my
family. Not ever.


I'm working on me.
I am not at my best self.
But I hope to be.


4 people like me!:

Life As I Know It said...

I am overwhelmed too. yet, here I sit at the computer...

Madeline said...

Oh. my. how did she get to be such a big girl? 18 months already? And, weaning...such a bittersweet sort of thing. Hope you get that servant. ;) Can you pass one my direction too?

Hip Mom's Guide said...

Lovely thoughts, Heather. I can't believe your tiny baby is already 18 months old. Or that my first is 13 years old.

And if you find a willing, happy, free servant for the month, will you let me know?!

chelle said...

I am so behind *sigh*
aww weaned ... so bitter sweet eh?

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