Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Wouldn't Change A Thing

My college years were spent exactly as many people think they should be spent. I was one of the lucky ones that required little in the way of studying (the same situation in high school). I could listen and take notes in class and retain most of what was necessary to take the tests and pass with flying colors.

It left a lot of time for bar hopping.

My BFF and I knew the schedule of specials for every day of the week. Monday you could get free pizza and half-price shots at one bar, Tuesday was Mug night at another bar, Wednesday nickel night, and so on. (By the way I have no idea what the specials were anymore. I'm sure I'm completely off.)

For the most part, these were excellent days. We had few worries, boys paid attention to us even though we wore flannel shirts and pretended to be gay. (Is that why they found us so interesting?) We didn't make ourselves up. We wore baggy jeans. I rarely recall inviting attention.

It was fantastic.

People that know me now would probably not believe me, but apparently I was pretty hot. (And so was ...and still is... my BFF.) There were some boys who pretended they were too good for me (and they were pretty hot too, just sayin'.) but hmmm, I don't think they'd have been hanging around if that was the case.

We laughed a lot. There were so many good times. I couldn't regret a single moment. I did all that I needed to do in college to ready myself to settle down and get married when I met the ONE. (His name is Craig, btw.)

I took risks. Stupid risks. For the most part they worked out fine. I was lucky. I stayed up way too late at night with people I didn't know well enough. We played cards, shot pool, drank.

I'm not sure how I will explain and justify these days to my kids. (Especially with me writing about it so publicly today.)

I have never taken or smoked any illegal drug. There's that. But alcohol and cigarettes are harder to justify. I purchased and smoked cigarettes at 16. By my 3rd year of college I was legal to drink, but it was not my first drink. I was a waitress in a bar for a year when I was only 18. When the boss was away the bartenders served me liberally. Occasionally, the bouncer (who happened to be a woman in her 50s) would catch me in the billiard room and sneak me a shot of whatever.

There is no lack of partying in my past.

Perhaps that is why these days I prefer to hang out at home. I make plans with friends for evenings out, yet I cancel those plans maybe half the time.

The thing about me now, is that most people who meet me would be shocked about my past. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I think I'm mostly tired of people assuming that I'm shy and quiet. Sometimes the shy and quiet ones are the ones with the biggest secrets.

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Life As I Know It said...

Ooooh, we sound very similar! I had a lot of fun in high school and college.
But, like you, am now content to hang around at home. Maybe have a few friends over for dinner.
And people think I'm quiet and shy too (sshhhhh).

chelle said...

I was WILD in high school and college. Then I moved to another city for university, I still liked to party but kept a lid on it, worked hard and got really shy.

Then I met my husband ... now I am so not like that. Although there is still an inner party girl in there ;)

It will be hard to talk to the kids about it ... however they will be very unlikely to be able to pull anything by me!

Madeline said...

Well, I'm sure glad I wasn't the only one smoking and drinking way earlier than was legal. NOBODY believes me (except the people who knew me), but I was way too wild for my own good. And, now, you almost couldn't pay me to go to a bar or really to do anything but chill out at home. I got every last inch of wildness out of me, and now I'm very content and happy. I think it worked out for the best.

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