Sunday, October 11, 2009

Simply Joy Sunday #38 Positivity!

When the economy is bringing many people down, there are still people out there determined to make things better. I try to look on the bright side of life with these posts here on Simply Joy Sunday. Others are starting a positivity movement.

Today is the start of the first National Share Your Positivity Week (October 11-17). I like the concept. It's simple, really. If you start the positivity, and spread it to two people, and they spread it to two people, the positivity will grow exponentially!

To that end, Alexa's Angels, a jewelry manufacturer, started the positivity movement earlier this year by handing out Positivity bracelets that encourage the wearer to keep one of three bracelets and pass the other two on.

I like the concept and the bracelets are pretty.

There is also a database where they are collecting positive thoughts, quotes and sentiments at They hope to collect 500,000 positive thoughts there to inspire us all.

So this week, we're challenged to do something positive for others (and in doing something positive for others we do something positive for ourselves!). So, donate food at your local food shelf, collect donations for your favorite charity, send a note to a friend, rake your elderly neighbor's leaves...let someone else go ahead of you in line.

I have a set of three Positivity bracelets to pass along. Please leave me a comment telling me what you will do this week to pass on the positivity and I'll enter you to win the bracelets. I'll choose a winner Tuesday and if I get the winner's mailing info quickly enough I should have the bracelets in your hands before the week is out!

Feeling the Joy!
Mrs. Dragon's Wares

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Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Well I am planning a cupcake playdate at my house this week. Cupcakes are positive. And someone I don't even know is coming with two kids.

MommyJenn said...

Hello, just stumbled upon this page...
This may sound weird, but here is what I've been thinking of doing:

We just moved into an aprtment where our bedroom window faces out onto a busy street (almost a highway). It's a huge floor to ceiling window and most of the time we keep the curains close because the sun comes straight in and makes it very hot.
Anyway, I was thinking of making a sign and putting it into our window,(facing out). The sign would simply say, "You are loved."

I'm usually very "tongue in cheeck" and sarcastic by nature. But deep down, I like to feel warm and fuzzy just like everybody else! :)

Jules said...

My students get so hung up on grades and pressure, so this week we are going to have fun, breathe a bit, and I get to remind them how great they really are - and they are!

I love the "you are loved" sign idea! Maybe I can steal that idea and put that sign above my door at school - just so they all remember.

great auntie sue said...

i still have a bunch of stuff in the garage and in my car to drop off at Sal.Army, so will do that. i got t a new coat- her old one was still ok, but will feel good to give that one to a little girl who needs one, especially on a day like this with beautiful sno! also considering taking action on more positive thoughts in my own life, i feel i am at the next chapter...

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Donating our old jackets to kids in need and buying extra hats/mittens to donate!
Oh, and doing some positive self esteem stuff with my students at school!
What a cool idea!

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