Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Festivities

The big kids were waaaay too excited to carve pumpkins. Yes, K is actually balancing on his. The finished works... M's is on the left. She drew her face, carved some of it herself then asked Dad to finish carving. K drew his own face which was impossible to carve so I asked him what he wanted and did my own interpretation. His is on the right. Ms. D didn't care about her face. She was interested in the guts of the pumpkin, but not enough to actually touch it. Hers is in the middle.
This poor girl in front of K during the "character parade" (DON'T call it a HALLOWEEN parade! NO!) was so irritated with his exuberance during the parade. She kept pushing him back and telling him to stop. He was completely oblivious to her frustration. I'm sorry to that girl and her parents.

M spotted Daddy watching and literally jumped in the air.

The poor girl is still trying to keep K in line.

Before the parade. One of D's costumes (one M wore as a baby). The photography is lacking.

Waiting to see the Big Kids in their parade. It was "warm" in the morning yesterday but the temps dropped quickly. Isn't she adorable in that coat? I love it.

Dad trying to get D to pose before the parade. I just think she's so little and cute with her Minnie Mouse costume sticking out under her red coat.

This is the principal. I laughed heartily when I saw him. And I think he's awesome. (Made extra awesome because I went to high school with one of his sons.)

I thought M was beautiful, as usual.

Happy Halloween! Hope all your tricks are treats and that all of us northerners stay warm!

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slouchy said...

they call it a "fall festival" at our school now. makes me laugh every time i hear it.

cute pics, cute kids!

chelle said...

So no Halloween because it is a pagan thing? Oddness!

Happy Halloween to you and yours!

Madeline said...

Happy Halloween to y'all! Your kids are adorable. They look so excited!

Kate said...

What cute pics!! I love the one of your son balancing himself on the pumpkin b/c that is exactly something my son would do.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Why, look at that beautiful tutu!

How fun. :)

louann said...

Love that Eeyore principal!

Very cute kids in very cute costumes!

CT Mom said...

We couldn't call it a Halloween party either! "Harvest Party and Parade."


Hope you had a happy Halloween!

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