Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Adventure with Amma

I'll admit when we decided to journey down to Harmony, Minnesota to check out some of the wares of the Amish I was slightly skeptical that my mom would be able to navigate the area successfully. We've had our adventures in the past, which most often lead us to get lost for at least part of the time.

I forgot my camera, which bummed me out. I know I couldn't have taken photos of the Amish, but the trees and the landscape were absolutely gorgeous on the ride.

We ate at a small restaurant in town when we got there, then went on our tour of Amish farms. The first stop was a bakery. These women/girls had baked so many things that morning probably starting before I even got out of bed. And so many things that looked delicious!

As we visited each farm, I had a small part of me that sort of wished for the simplicity of life that they lead. But then I enjoy peeing indoors when it's 40 below...and the blog would probably suffer a bit if I didn't have electricity.
At one farm, a mother and one of her sons came to meet us in her store. M and K started to get a little carried away and I told them to calm down a little. The woman spoke with her German/Scandinavian accent and said "Oh, we're used to that around here. I have 6 boys." And as we were leaving I noticed that she looked like she was expecting. I didn't ask her if she had any girls, but if she didn't I hope this next one is a girl so she has some help with the "women work." The little boy who was with her was 4, just a few months younger than K. We had a small moment of connection. Just mothers, even though we are vastly different.
These are the experiences I want to drink in, live, expose my children to.
And even though Amma was navigating? We didn't get lost (although at one point she tried to tell me I was going the wrong way when the map we had clearly told me the way to go) so hey, an improvement over our last several adventures together.

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Madeline said...

Very cool! I wish we lived near an Amish community. Their food is so delicious, and I think it's really great to be able to expose your kiddos to ways of life that are so simple yet so beautiful. I don't however dream of ever having their "simple" life. Not only do I enjoy modern luxuries I am also far too lazy to wake up before the crack of dawn to start baking!!

chelle said...

I seriously couldn't do it. I LOVE my modern life. No outside toilets, not bathing for long periods of time and all that crazy nonsense. I need me some internet :P

Susiej said...

I'm sorry you forgot your camera... but your words here, will preserve this in your heart forever... I love adventures like this one.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

How fun! If mothers ran the world, maybe there would be more peace....

I would definitely miss the electricity.

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