Friday, September 25, 2009

Condemned No More

My son's room has been a disaster area for weeks. We clean it periodically but it quickly descends into chaos within days. I don't know how one little boy can create such mess...except I remember a certain mother having a very messy room as a kid. And um, my crap is all over the house. I need to clean my own stuff too.

BUT! I started with K's room. Here are the before photos. Now that I look at these photos they do not accurately reflect the squalor that he was living in. It's sort of pissing me off that the photos don't show how truly disgusting his room was.

Anywho! I bought a Cubicle from Tarjay Boutique (on sale for $36 this week!) I love these shelves. I will likely need 1 or 3 more when our addition is finished for the kids' and Craig's and my bedrooms.
I spent about an hour putting the shelf together while Ms. D napped in the morning. I screwed up with the wrong piece at first (thanks for not labeling the pieces ClosetMaid) but after I realized my mistake the piece went together rather quickly.
I lugged the shelf up the stairs, then D and I ate lunch. D needed a nap and she started to fight it so I actually put her in her crib. (Even though I love to savor my babies.) She slept for two hours, during which I cleaned K's room:

Sigh. Like I said it doesn't look much different in the photos. BUT! It took me TWO HOURS to clean it. And I was sweating profusely. Also? During the clean out I discovered:
3 Target shopping bags full of garbage
12 empty boxes; mostly boxes toys came in from JULY birthday.
3 empty Target plastic bags. Purpose? Unknown.
6 pairs of dirty socks. Not in pairs. Oh no.
8 soiled-in-some-way sets of underwear. Some stashed in places that I wonder how long they have been there.
FYI--Having a boy is FUN!
Also? My son is totally just like his mother. ::ducking head:: Sorry KMan for passing on all the craptastic things that are me.
Anywho! 2 hours of cleaning nets the above. (and WHY does it not look that different?)

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MrsDragon said...

As a child who also had a very messy room--I know a good mess when I see one. Those before pictures are deceiving because the piles are worse in depth than width, and that is such a pain to dig through! The after pictures look great! : )

Anonymous said...

ooks good!! Amma

for a different kind of girl said...

This post? These pictures? These are the story of my life. Two boys bedrooms, a basement, and what feels like my entire life are chaos, but the next time I go in and tackle them, I'm making the boys help. It'll take me forever, I'm sure, but mine are old enough to know this kind of thing is a bigl old job!

Or I may let it go and just sigh and try not to look in their rooms as I walk by every time!

Jeff said...

Looks good. Is the cubicle thingy in the pictures, or am I just blind?

Heather said...

It is in the last (admittedly very dark) photo. It has his lego boat on top of it. There's another bin sitting in front of it too though. Things will be much nicer when he gets to move to his future bigger room.

Phoenix/Judith (amalgamating identities LOL) said...

I totally identify with what you have just done! A couple of months ago, I moved my kids (both girls, ages 15 and 10) from the small room to the big one. It took four days altogether plus a couple of weeks of chipping away at it beforehand. 19 black bin-bags of rubbish, a dozen bags and 6 boxes for donation and tons of paper and cardboard for recycling. I lost count of how many dozen odd socks I found, not to mention the other assorted underwear in places it had no business being!!! Seems like kids will be kids, no matter the age, gender or location. Much respect to you for geting this done :-)

chelle said...

I think it looks way better!
My daughter is a hoarder and gets her room in quite a state. However it is up to her to clean it ... then she earns 50 cents.

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