Friday, March 20, 2009

Aweigh Results Show - Week 8

Well, I admit I was not very successful with my goals once again. Monday my husband and 2 older kids had the flu, Wednesday my oldest had an ear infection in both ears. It has been one thing after another. On the other hand, on Tuesday (between craptastic days) I was able to exercise with my Wii Fit for 34 minutes and later that day K, D and I went for a long walk around Silver Lake here in town.

I am hoping that since Spring is arriving today that things will turn around again. I think I've gained again, but I'll post my results after I take M to school. (woot! 2 days in a row...I hope!)

Our prizes this week, just to refresh your memories...This week Shades Jewelry is giving away another $10 gift card for their etsy shop and Harper Collins is giving away one copy each of Joy's LIFE Diet: Four Steps to Thin Forever by Joy Bauer.

Also? Remember I said that there would be a surprise extra prize? Well, I did secure an extra prize for the biggest loser in an upcoming (surprise) week. Thanks to Kelley's Beads! You'll want to try to lose the most! I will tell you more about the prize soon. You never know when that prize will pop up!

So? How did you all do this week? Have you been healthy or sick? Had time to exercise? Eating right? Post your results (weight lost/gained/no change) and you'll be entered to win the prizes! (Please post even if you've already won one of these prizes too!)

Updated: I gained again. Boo! Another pound.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly I lost only 1 lbs, but, at least not a gain! Will try better this coming week to not think of so many bowls of ice cream!! Amma

Bikini said...

I'm down 4.5 lbs! Pretty good, but sadly most of that is due to not eating from stress (and what I did eat was salads mostly). I have 10 lbs to go until my goal for this competition.

Chelsea said...

I lost 3 ibs this week! Maybe I should take the whole week off work more lately! (hahaha)but I did eat more fruits and veggies this week, and tuesday walked on the treadmill and wednesday went for a 30 minute walk outside.

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