Friday, February 6, 2009

Aweigh- Results Show Week 2

So yesterday morning I was feeling pretty good about my effort. I'd done the step areobics that I actually kind of enjoy on Wii Fit. I do the advanced routine at least twice a day usually. Then I tried the 10-minute free run. I will not lie. It was not pleasant to do. I kept a steady pace throughout and cursed myself for wearing my heavy fleece shirt when I'm trying to run. To be honest, my belly flops about when I run. It's very icky.


Now that I've ruined your breakfast let me say that I'll post my results later as usual because I weigh at about the same time every day, and I usually don't have time to get online before we have to get Miss M to school.

As far as goals go, I did not get 30 minutes a day in for exersizing, but I tried to get as much as I could. I think the least productive day I hit 22 minutes so not too far off.

My results: Let me preface by saying that I gained 2 pounds last weekend, which is a pattern and a problem for me. I'm not sure why I gain every weekend, but I need to figure it out so I don't undo my losses all the time! So, with that I have no change from last week even though I lost the two pounds that I regained over the weekend. Gah!

Those participating should post their weight lost/gained/no change and percentage. I'm realizing I forgot to award the biggest loser button last week so let's hope that I'm smart enough to remember this week!

The prize this week, if you remember, is a $10 gift card for Shades Jewelry. Beautiful jewelry, affordably priced and supporting an individual! Can't get much better than that!

Look at the colors in that piece! Just gorgeous. Remember your friend Heather when making purchases ;)

And let me remind you of the grand prize, generously donated by Workouts Anywhere, an online personal training, fitness and weight loss blog. (You can follow on Twitter @eworkouts) They are offering a Silver Online Personal Training plan that includes pre-designed workouts, 80+ workout plans, exercise demos, over 2000 videos, printable workout logs, printable food logs and nutritional information on over 7000 foods. This prize is worth $89 and will help one lucky participant (who posts results at least 10 weeks) to continue on her weight loss journey.

Again, your progress does not factor in to your chance of winning the prize!

I'm hoping I'm off in my expectations again!

Good luck all!

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Anonymous said...

This week - I continued to walk on my lunch hour and cut down some on the food! I weighed this morning and low and behold- I lost 3 lbs- Amma

Guinevere Meadow said...

Lost 1.5 pounds this week! Not quite even 1%, but it's a small step forward!

Bikini said...

I also had no change from prior week, and I completely attribute that to crap eating due to long hours at work. Bleck.

Chelsea said...

We bought a treadmil Monday and I used it 4 days in a row, plus Monday and Wednesday I went swimming so I did very good with the exercising part, the eating part in my opinion not so good. But when I weighted myself this morning it says I lost 3 ibs!

Chelsea said...

P.S. Since I won last week you don't have to enter me for this weeks prize, I'l give someone else a shot @ winning.

Sandy said...

I kept up with my exercise goals, getting to the Y 6 times during the week, and I ran for 25 minutes yesterday (10 minutes longer than my goal). I lost 2.4 pounds, or 2 percent. Yay for me!

Amber said...

You guys are all doing awesome!!!

I am the same as last week. Which is a good thing, at least I didn't gain! To be honest though I haven't been exercising. Though I did clean off the treadmill (Thanks for the comment on my blog Heather. :)).

You ladies inspired me! This week I need to make time in my schedule to exercise. Now that I'm full time it's hard, but I need to do it for me. :)

great auntie sue said...

pretty much the same here

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