Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I know you're supposed to do this kind of list on your blog for your 100th post, but I never did it so I'm doing it now.

1. It is much easier for me to write than it is to make conversation with people.
2. Most people consider me quiet.
3. The people who know me best laugh about that.
4. In college, my friend Rachel and I knew the drink specials for each day of the week.
5. I had a lot of fun in college.
6. I also worked just hard enough to squeak through graduating Summa Cum Laude.
7. I sometimes wonder how I would have done if I'd actually studied.
8. I never thought I'd be a stay-at-home-mom before I had kids.
9. I thought I'd be a public relations rep or a reporter.
10. Once my first child was born I knew I wanted to stay home with her.
11. I was born with meconium in my lungs but the doctors acted quickly and I have no adverse effects from it.
12. Some people would beg to differ on #11.
13. When I was 6 I got my ears pierced in a shop beneath the World Trade Towers.
14. I have lived in San Rafael, CA, Port Angeles, WA, Governor's Island, NY, Mankato, MN and Rochester, MN.
15. When I lived in NY, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Manhattan were the views from my "back yard."
16. I cried when I heard the first plane had hit the tower, before we even knew it was a deliberate act.
17. I would like to visit overseas someday, but I probably never will.
18. I have started writing a novel but it is at a stand still right now.
19. If I ever finish it, I think it might be pretty good.
20. Up until my third child was born in May I was a Sunday School teacher.
21. #20 makes me laugh. Good thing they don't require you to have led a pious life.
22. I spend entirely too much time on Twitter.
23. I have an etsy shop (sentimentaljourney.etsy.com)
24. In times of great stress I sleepwalk.
25.Given the choice of going out or staying in I will usually choose staying in.
26. Once I am out somewhere I usually have a good time.
27. The first concert I went to was Bon Jovi at the Mayo Civic Center. I had butterflies in my stomach while I was waiting in line because I was so nervous.
28. I used to get butterflies in my stomach every time I was about to go out—whether it be to a friend’s house, to a bar or on a date. Still happens sometimes.
29. I am too sensitive and get my feelings hurt easily.
30. I love to dance.
31. In college I did a lot of two-stepping with much older men.
32. I was, at one point, the assistant manager at a shoe store.
33. Consequently, at one point, I had more than 70 pairs of shoes.
34. Sadly, after my son was born my feet grew a half-size and most of those shoes no longer fit me.
35. I’ve given most of them away on Freecycle.
36. I do not like to get my face wet so I hang a towel over the shower door so I can dry my face immediately after I wash it.
37. In a perfect world, if the planets were aligned just right, I would like to have been able to have more kids.
38. I really hated tomatoes until I was pregnant with my son. Now I love them.
39. Every summer I plant a bunch of flowers around my yard.
40. These flowers always include red salvias and dark red impatiens, planted in the same locations every year.
41. All but one of my grandparents passed away before I was graduated from high school
42. My remaining living grandparent passed away shortly after my high school graduation.
43. I wish every day that they had lived to meet my children.
44. Deep down, I know that they can see them.
45. I’m pretty sure my husband just insulted me as I was writing this.
46. He’s lucky I love him even when he irritates me.
47. I’m lucky he loves me even when I’m irritating him.
48. We irritate one another just enough to ensure no one else would put up with us.
49. I’m not at all convinced there are 100 things I can tell you about me.
50. I started my blog after reading only 1 post on 1 blog.
51. I don’t remember what blog it was, but I may have thought “I can do that, and better.”
52. I may be a little conceited.
53. I do not think I am at all attractive.
54. I think my children are extraordinarily attractive.
55. They’re smart too--sometimes too smart for their own goods.
56. If I had millions of dollars I would give away a good portion. I often see things at stores that I wish I had the money to buy and donate.
57. I do not ask for help even if I really need it.
58. I hate having to depend on others for even small things.
59. That was the hardest part of recovering from each of three c-sections.
60. It’s going to be a real bitch to put me in a nursing home. Sorry kids.
61. I performed in the school talent show in elementary school. I was petrified, but I did it. I sang “Maybe” from Annie.
62. I’ve sand karaoke in several crowded bars. I did not even need to be drunk to do it, although a beer often helped.
63. On my 22nd birthday I did a shot called a b!ow job on stage. I’m classy like that.
64. I was a Girl Scout.
65. I’m discovering I’m really quite dull.
66. I’ve never dyed my hair because I’m a chicken.
67. I save entirely too many mementos.
68. I get very addicted to playing video games.
69. I love going on “scary” rides, but I would never bungee jump.
70. Ditto for jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.
71. I love to fly, however I have never flown with my children so that could change.
72. I have ridden in a sea plane and in a helicopter. (not at the same time)
73. My friend Rachel and I drove straight through from Minnesota to Texas during Spring Break in college. We spent what remained of the first night sleeping in my car at a roadside rest stop.
74. College me was not as smart as she thought she was.
75. I usually send birthday cards to my friends’ kids.
76. My kids have never gotten a card in return.
77. I’m always looking at things around me, assessing their photographic potential.
78. One of the most fun classes I took in college was Photography 101.
79. I was not particularly good at developing my own photos and I didn’t earn an A in the class, but the dark room was a soothing place for me.
80. I was good friends with most of my bosses at the jobs I worked during college.
81. I was the editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper during my senior year.
82. I spend Homecoming weekend of my senior year in the hospital because I had mono.
83. I was a cocktail waitress when I was 18. The boss didn’t want to hire me at first but he gave me a chance because I was so persistent in trying to get a meeting with him.
84. I outlasted many of the older women that he’d hired. Many quit after one night because they couldn’t handle the stress.
85. It was one of the most fun jobs I’ve held.
86. I haven’t drank caffeinated pop/soda in more than 7 years.
87. I prefer dark chocolate.
88.The toilet paper goes over, never under.
89. I’d take being hot over being cold any day. So naturally I live in Minnesota.
90. Holy hell this is taking a long time to do.
91. I’m guessing only 3 people will actually read all of this.
92. I can make myself cry on cue.
93. Even though my kids have mostly lost interest in their Webkinz I continue to do their gardening, etc for them.
94. I love to play board games but rarely can convince other adults to play the games with me.
95. I enjoy watching shows like Nightline and Ice Road Truckers.
96. I considered becoming a police officer or a nurse but realized I’m too soft-hearted.
97. I am a night owl and routinely stay up until midnight.
98. I have a hard time squishing insects because I’m afraid they’ll fly at me and land on me before I can squish them.
99. I love to read and have been known to stay up all night reading a particularly good book.
100. While I am sometimes envious of others, I would not trade lives with anyone.

19 people like me!:

Nap Warden said...

I can't do #92 either...
I think #100 is awesome for you:)

for a different kind of girl said...

#100 is, indeed, awesome!

All my years as a reporter and editor, I never could master how to develop film, regardless of how often the back shop guys tried to teach me! I could roll film like a machine, though! I've not done it in years, but I'm 100 percent positive I could walk into that old newspaper and do it today!

chelle said...

88.The toilet paper goes over, never under.

Absolutely. I even change it at other people's houses' because they obviously just do not know better .... oh the shame!

I am one of three :)

Oh I am so selfish I would not give any money away if I won a million dollars! I would pay off all our debt have a great family vehicle and go on a fantastic vacation. Selfish!

See you are awesome and totally Sunday school teacher material :)

Mayberry said...

71: You will definitely change your mind.

Damselfly said...

See, more than 3 people read through! ;)

Of all the places you have lived, what has been your favorite?

So, do you think tomatoes make your feet grow?

I think it would be a blast to hang out with you!

Marla said...

61. I also sang in the elementary talent show, Glen Campbell's Rhinestone Cowboy... I sang the first verse twice, because after the chorus, I think the stage hand dimmed the lights and put a spot light on my mother who seemed to be laughing her ass off at me.

And despite that, I too am a tad coceited


Beck said...

Oh, these lists are always so much fun! I always make mental checkmarks alongside everything i have in common with the writer (in your case, 20, 21, 24!, 34, 54, 55 and so on.)

susiej said...

You and the alcohol and the cocktail waitress thing really surprises me. Are you still shy after the drinks? I'm with you on number 86...maybe longer -- but no way on 87!

You are an interesting person. Rachel... she sounded like a great person to know.

Heather said...

Ha ha Susie! No, not as shy after the drinks. That's when people get to see the "real" me even if they aren't close friends or family.

Madeline said...

#94 I totally relate to. It really takes some convincing to get adults into board games, but they're so much fun. And, #99 I do the same thing.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Well that was a good read! And yes, OF COURSE the tp always goes over and never under.

Kate said...

#88 - absolutely!

And I loved the hours I'd spend in the darkroom, too. I could roll film great in the pitch dark. It was so much fun. I often dream of building a dark room in my basement, although I don't think my husband would want the chemicla smells.

Rima said...

My feet grew after pregnancy, too! Except I didn't mind too much because I used to be a size five and a half - impossible to find - and now I'm a much more accessible six!

Heather said...

Wow, who knew more than 3 people would like to be bored with a list about me? Thanks everyone.

Jennifer H said...

The feet...so many shoes I had to give away. This was a great list.

I'm a night owl, too, which you can probably tell from the time stamp. And now I have a book to read...I'll go to sleep eventually. :-)

Jeff said...

Good job! I gave up after 50. Oh, and I read it all the way through too, so you'd better recalculate. ;-)

MrsDragon said...

It never ceases to amaze me how much I have in common with people I meet rather randomly. I was nodding for an awful lot of this list. : ) If MN and AL weren't so far away I would play board games with you. I love them. ^_^

Guinevere Meadow said...

I read them all! Ha ha!!

I never dyed my hair, either. I once had highlights put in, but haven't done it since then.

ewe are here said...

Very cool 100... I always enjoy these.

But I hope 17 isn't true in the long run ...should you get the chance, I hope you use your passport. ;-)

And I'm with you on 36, 5, 7, 74, 97, 99...

and 86 really scares me, says the diet coke addict.

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