Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday- The Hallway Edition

I am, as I said, attempting to reorganize my home. Not that it was very organized before Miss D came along 7 1/2 months ago, but since her birth our home (which was already bursting at the seams) has become even more crowded with things.

There is the requisite baby gear, that as D grows we will no longer need that nonetheless take up precious space in our small home. With Christmas came more toys, more things and with another child seemed to add three times as much stuff.

I've been trying to look around our home for underutilized space that I can use to store, or at least put away some of this stuff.

Enter our upstairs hallway. This is a short hallway that is from Craig's and my bedroom (which is directly to my right when I'm taking the photo) to Miss M's room (which you can see part of the door frame to her room in the photo). Like I said, the hallway is short, but we've had this little storage chest there for several years that opens and I've stashed Craig's Dale Earnhardt model cars inside. I put photos on the top. I love all the photos, but mostly they just gather dust because I am lazy and do not dust nearly as often as I should.

Also, when we put up Miss D's crib in our room we moved a bookcase that my dad had made for me when I was little out to the hallway to hold bedtime reading books. You can't actually see the bookcase in the photo because it has several books piled on top of it.

I had a brainstorm the other day and bought a square shelf like I bought for our dining room/living room area a couple of years ago. It really is much nicer looking, besides adding a bunch of storage space that we weren't using to its potential. I moved the other chest into our bedroom into the last available floor space we had!

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Anonymous said...

Looks really nice- good job! Amma

Faith said...

Looks great! Good luck with getting organized, I feel your pain :)

newlyweds said...

Great idea, i need to get organized as well.

BarbaraLee said...

So many forget the perious space of a hall. Nice work.

Kate said...

Wow! That looks fabulous. Do you make housecalls to Ohio?

chelle said...

Oooo I like! I really should be tackling things .... nah I will nap :)

Damselfly said...

Ah. I need shelves like that throughout my house!

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