Monday, January 5, 2009

Does size really matter?

Last week my mom brought a package of Hickory Farms goodies out to our house, saying that it was for Craig. Craig likes the summer sausage, as do the children and my mom knows this. She saw the package and thought of Craig, and I'm hoping that the size of the sausage had nothing to do with her thinking of my husband.

Truth be told, the sausage is pretty small.

The sausage in the Hickory Farms package.

I will not discuss the size of my husband's package on my blog (but it is ginormous-- love ya hon!).

Back to the Hickory Farms was really more cheese than sausage, which in this house means it's really a present for me.

Mmmm. Cheese.

I exercised restraint and left the package intact for several hours. These hours turned into a whole day. Then I heard the largest of the cheese spreads calling for me: Heather! I'm Havarti! Our names even start with the same letter. You should eat me. I'm out here in the kitchen in this box. It's so dark in here. Please let me out.

And I'm just not that heartless. Hello! First letter name matchies!

I may or may not have purchased a box of Wheat Thins for the express purpose of eating said cheese.

The next day Craig held up the box that had a conspicuous empty space in the center.


Craig tried the sympathy route: Craig, have you ever tried Havarti? Why no, I haven't. Huh. Guess I don't get to try it still.

Honestly. My mother brought the package out. You know she was just saying it was for Craig to be nice. The summer sausage? Totally for him. The cheese? That's mine.

6 people like me!:

Anonymous said...

Glad it hit the spot! Even as small as it was--- Amma

Don Mills Diva said...

No one can be expected to resist the siren call of cheese.

That is all.

Damselfly said...

Hey! What a fun new look!

It's hard to resist cheese. CHEESE. Tell Craig there's always next year.

Janet said...

The problem is no good cheeses start with a J. Jarlsberg? Please.

chelle said...

mmmmm I am a sucker for cheese too!

Guinevere Meadow said...

I'm hungry now.

For cheese.

Sausage will have to wait until later tonight. *nudge nudge wink wink*

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