Monday, December 15, 2008

Reason #428 I’m Lucky My Husband Loves Me (Part 1)

The following events took place several years ago, pre-children, even pre-marriage.

When Craig and I were dating we did several outdoor activities together. Prior to dating Craig, I wouldn’t say that I was particularly outdoorsy, but as a kid I enjoyed a good snowmobile ride (as long as it was short and I could go inside and warm up) and could be talked into wetting a line once in a while. To be truthful, those outdoor activities happened only because my grandfather was the one to make them happen.

By the time I was a teen and then in my early twenties, my interests shifted to primarily indoor pursuits like reading, writing and drinking playing games. Save for the occasional pasture party, outdoor activities didn’t cross my radar.

Craig motivated me to try some of those activities again. Himself an avid fisherman, duck hunter and snowmobiler, it probably seemed a given that his girlfriend should partake in at least some of these pursuits.

For my birthday, 6 months into our relationship, Craig gave me my own fishing pole with a fancy reel so that I could simply push a button to unlock the barrel and cast. I really had no idea what he was talking about as he explained the perks of the reel. I really just smiled and nodded because I thought he was so cute with beautiful blue eyes and have you seen those dimples? (Those eyes he passed to his daughters and the dimples to Baby D.)

The last time I had gone fishing I had been in high school and was on vacation with my family and my then-boyfriend. He and I had gone out fishing, just the two of us, and actually fished while we were in the boat. All went well for the first few casts, then inexplicably, my fingers loosened and I threw the whole damned pole in the water. My first reaction was a giggle that started in my stomach and gurgled its way up to my throat and out my mouth like a hiccup. Then as the shock wore quickly off and I realized that my father’s new fishing pole was sleeping with the fishes forevermore I sat down and cried.

So, that was encouraging to think about as I listened to my future husband extol the virtues of the Ugly Stick.

My attempts at fishing that Spring and Summer were slightly more successful than the attempt in high school. I’m not saying I caught any fish, but at least I didn’t send the pole to Davy Jones’ Locker. And that time that I almost fell in the lake because I’d been drinking I lost my balance? Well, we won’t speak about that, mkay?

Having re-initiated me into fishing, Craig attempted to broaden my outdoor horizons by purchasing a 4-wheeled ATV. We took the ATV and headed out on trails together, Craig driving and me trying to not suck in my breath every time we went up or down a hill. I purchased the requisite hiking boots and held on for dear life. After a few excursions on trails, Craig and I loaded up the ATV in the pickup and drove to northern Minnesota to visit his parents.

To be continued. More humiliation to come!

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LadyK said...

You just brightened my day. lol, Great post!

Now I really am off to the kitchen. Must get off of this chair! :)

Janet said...

My husband is very outdoorsy and I am not. I like to think that means we balance each other out. Or something.

Kirsetin said...

I agree with Janet - it's all about balance, right? And the Ugly Stick, apparently.

for a different kind of girl said...

I have tried fishing once, maybe twice. I just can't bring myself to want to touch a fish! My kids, on the other hand, love to go out and fish. Thank goodness they have a grandpa who will usher them out to whatever body of water they stumbled upon!

Alex Elliot said...

I actually used to really enjoy fishing with my dad. As for outdoor stuff, I do biking and running and that's it. My husband likes camping and computer games. At some point I'm sure we'll meet each other half way but for now hanging out on the couch in the evening is excellent!

chelle said...

I am so not a fisherwoman. In part because my Grandfather explained that if you catch it you clean it. I was determined never to experience that.

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