Thursday, November 13, 2008

By the Sixes

The very funny Katie at Motherbumper tagged me for a photo meme since we're doing NaBloPoMo and she wanted to give me an easy post! Thanks Katie!

Here are my instructions:
  • Go to your Sixth Picture Folder then pick your Sixth Picture.
  • Pray that you remember the details.
  • Tag 5 others.
Let me say that I planned on following the rules, but when I got to the specified photo it was a photo that I don't want to post on my blog. So I did what any blogger would do: I cheated.

I set about figuring out other sixth photos in a sixth folder and didn't like the photos that I came up with. Eventually I figured F&%$ it, I'll just pick a photo that I want to use in this folder. So that's what I did.

I give you the not-so-randomly selected photo of Miss M and I on Mother's Day in 2004.

It was my second Mother's Day, and last as a mother of only one child. I was to have my son (whom I didn't know was a son) two months later. M, in this photo, is two months shy of two years old. She was, and still is, a child with a zest for life, and she was excited to be a big sister.

Some things that strike me about this photo:
  1. I look really young to my eyes today.
  2. That photo in the silver frame on the shelf in the background? I took it when Miss M was just 3 months old and we used it for our Christmas cards that year. That photo still sits on that shelf because I love that photo so much. When I went to order the Christmas cards, the lady at Target wasn't going to let me copy it because she thought it was a professional photo. Ha! I'll post that photo below too.
  3. The bird feeder stuck to the window used to drive our cat nuts. She'd sit below it and cackle at the birds eating there, then jump up and try to get them through the glass. I'm not sure why that was so entertaining for me, but there you have it.
  4. The preggo lady t-shirt I'm wearing is now one of my night shirts. But I did wear it again when I was pregnant with D. Old Navy t-shirts. They are comfy. And since no more babies, might as well keep wearing them for night shirts.
  5. I'm sure Craig is thrilled with #4. Hawt!
  6. My little girl is still awfully cute.

So now I'm supposed to tag 5 people. Let's go with: Holly at Tropic of Mom, Megan at Undomestic Diva, SusieJ, Karen because she takes awesome photos and doesn't blog much anymore, and Jeff because he seems to be running out of things to write about since he's writing about socks.

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Corina the Down to Earth Mama said...

Nice photo. And the one on the bottom, gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

D looks just like her- cute little girls! Amma

susiej said...

I love the way you timelessly captured the details in this photo... your description captures the moment perfectly. And now, I'm tagged, I see. I'll try not to cheat, but we'll see how far I get with that.

chelle said...

I am glad you cheated! That is a sweet photo!

The Christmas photo is breathtaking!

Mayberry said...

I'm glad you cheated too. I always want to get a good picture of myself w. my kids on mother's day, but it rarely happens (I know you are not surprised).

motherbumper said...

Nuthin' wrong with a meme cheat ;) First of all, you are beautiful and second of all, that second photo is breathtaking. Thank you for playing along :) xo

Alex Elliot said...

It's not not cheating; just being flexible with the rules, right? Great pictures!

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

I know I should be commenting on the post but... THE BABY. WITH THE SMUSHY CHEEKS. GAAAAHHH. WANT TO EAT THEM.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Wow, that really does look like a professional photo! And I love the two of you together even if it's not the 6th of 6. I would have guessed M to be a couple months older, at least. You're both so cute!

Jeff said...

I'll give this a shot. If I don't like my picture can I write six things about socks?

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