Sunday, September 7, 2008

Random Thoughts # 24

I made my son a tutu. He kept asking for one after I made each of his sisters one, and I really can’t blame him for wanting one as well. They are quite fun and what better attire for dancing really? He has none of the hang-ups over gender roles that even his sister, only two years older than he, has. I did, however, try to make it as masculine as I could by making it black.

My baby girl spent the last few days with a cold. It’s miserable to have a cold yourself, or to see and hear your young child suffer through the symptoms, but it’s worse to see your 3-month-old struggle to breathe while she’s nursing and hear her coughing from the post-nasal drip. I used the nose-sucker bulb to suction out snot periodically, which she was less than happy about.

So, in order for her to not suffer alone, I went and got a cold too.

I watched a show on the History Channel while at my in-laws’ house and heard the best name for a city: Tuktoyatuk. Try to say it out loud. Tuck-toy-yuck-tuck. Fun, isn’t it?

Since I’m giving away a book, I am highlighted in 5 Minutes for Mom's weekly column "5 Minutes Around The Blogosphere." Click here to check it out. The two moms that run the site are Susan and Janice and they are work-at-home-moms who also run two toy stores: A Rocking Horse To Love and Pedal Cars and Retro Collectibles.

I find Tyra Banks irritating.

I'm hoping I get some sales in my etsy shop soon. It's been a long dry spell.

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Awesome Mom said...

Lol That is too funny about your son wanting a tutu. I am sure that Harry would love one if he knew what one was. He loves to dance around the house. We have ribbons that he loves to use when he is twirling.

Chels said...

Hope both you and D feel better soon! I like your new header, very cute and festive!

chelle said...

ok I love that our sons can be so comfortable and fun! Ethan ADORES My Little Ponies ... my husband keeps trying to trade him for cars and trucks, I saw brush that ponies hair, wear your tutu proud!!!

Damselfly said...

A black boy's tutu, hee hee! I bet he looks so cute.

That's cool you're on 5MFM. Congrats!

angi said...

awww, I remember little stuffy baby nursing, poor little D. I hope you both feel better soon!

susiej said...

I love reading about your baby's cold, and your motherly reaction to it. Nursing is so awesome... the best thing for her.

I can't wait to see what your son does with that black tutu... you know, he'll think of something we haven't thought of.

Love the pumpkins... something comforting about this season.

Guinevere Meadow said...

Interesting name for a city...

soccer mom in denial said...

Good for you and him with the tutu! I used to paint the boys' toenails until they were 4 - they just loved it. I've only just started to paint my daughter's toes and the boys want some too. I put clear polish on their toes.

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