Monday, August 4, 2008

Sometimes Alcohol is the Answer

I drank a wine cooler last night. It was wild berry flavored and it was good. It was one I bought at Target though, so it was not a full-strength drink. This is Minnesota after all. Liquor stores aren't even open on Sunday.

I drank a wine cooler last night because yesterday my oldest child spent much of the day moaning and whining about her leg, her tummy, her head...everything hurt.

I drank a wine cooler last night because my son smacked me in the face yesterday afternoon as I was trying to buckle his seat belt.

I'm drinking a wine cooler tonight too. I may even have two. Hey, they're small.

Today started with M waking with a spiking fever again at 2 a.m. I got a little more sleep until 4 a.m. arrived with K screaming from his room. D, not to be left out, also woke at 4 to eat.

As close to Super woman as I am, I anticipated that I would need some help today. It is hard enough to deal with one sick kid. TWO sick kids and an infant? Sounds like a great time.

At the too-early hour of 8 a.m. (after being up with kids multiple times during the night) I called our family doctor's office to try to make appointments for M and K. 4 p.m. was the earliest appointment they had. Nice.

So I called my dad and begged him to come and lend me a couple of extra hands. When he arrived I took a shower and then we planned to take the kids to the walk-in clinic in Target.

As soon as we walked out of the house and into the garage, K barfed.

The day was not improving with age.

There were no other patients waiting at Target so the kids were seen pretty much immediately. M? Strep throat. K? Double ear infection.

Load us up with the drugs.

I spent the remainder of the day dispensing medication, taking a short nap and trying to clone myself since all three of my kids wanted mommy, Mommy, MOMMY!

Tomorrow, in theory, should be better since they will have had a few doses of their antibiotics.

But I'm still drinking those wine coolers.

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slouching mom said...

oh, MAN, H.!

i am so sorry!

Anonymous said...

What an awful day. Perfect for Bartles and James.

Hope today is much better.

louann said...

Oh no. Sick kiddos breaks my heart =(

I hope they feel better the soonest.

Awesome Mom said...

Aww man! I hope that they feel better soon!

Mayberry said...

Yeesh! That's terrible. Hope they feel better today.

Anonymous said...

trying not to hyperventilate... it's not working... agghghghghg!

Beck said...

I hope today is better.

Kate said...

Wow, you've had a day! And I don't even need days like that to drink alcohol. Usually anytime after 5 works for me whether it was a bad day or not. :)

Jeff said...


I respect your restraint. I'd be in the tequila after that day.

Minnesota Matron said...

Oh honey, I'm so sorry! Vodka is even more effective. Trust me.

Scribbit said...

Noticed from Twitter that you're asleep--hope you're getting good rest!

Christine said...

Here's to a better week! Praying everyone feels better and you get some much-needed rest yourself...

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

I second Scribbit! A little wine cooler (what is that, like only 3% alcohol?!) and a nap could do wonders for perspective. Hope your kids feel better!

PS Did you like the walk-in clinic? My Target doesn't have one, but my supermarket recently added one.

Alex Elliot said...

That's rough! I hope they're doing better. I didn't realize Target had a clinic.

Heather said...

Our experience at the clinic at Target was great. We got right in, were seen, prescribed the antibiotics and were on our way. We may have just been lucky that no one was there at the time, or maybe there aren't many people that use the clinic yet.

Our regular physician's office could not see us until 4 p.m. though, and I called to make the appointment at 8 a.m. So, that there is motivation for me to go back to the clinic at Target.

The clinic is in a SuperTarget (of which there are 2 in town). Only one of the Supertargets have the clinic.

Shonda Little said...

As soon as I saw the blog title, I knew I'd found a keeper. As a momma of two little toddlers, I believe alcohol is always the answer. I've been there, too, with the sick kids or the unruly kids. Thank God the kids are so cute and the beer tastes so good, right!

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