Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Snack time

So I had big plans. Just ten minutes ago I tweeted that I was going to eat some ice cream, start making a tutu and watch the Olympics.

It was a good plan, and a tasty one too, but instead of simply getting my ice cream and sitting down to eat it, my plan went awry.

First, I wandered out to the kitchen where a half-unwrapped Reese's peanut butter cup sat on the counter, taunting me. I've avoided peanut butter and tree nuts throughout my pregnancies and when I'm nursing, so, although I love peanut butter cups I try to resist the temptation.

This cup was mocking me though. Ha ha Heather. Here I sit. Remember earlier in the night when you tried to offer me as dessert and the kids said no they don't like me? Yeah, you want me don't you? Yeah baby.

So I thought what the hell? One won't hurt me or D. It's not really peanut butter in those things anyway is it?

No matter.

Damned if that sucker didn't shoot right out of my hand and roll on the cat-hair-infested floor. Even I'm not desperate enough to eat a hair-covered peanut butter cup. With a heavy heart, I threw the object of my desire and disappointment into the trash can.

Ah well, I was in the kitchen to get that ice cream anyway.

Triple Chocolate ice cream by Breyers, to be exact. Just picked up a fresh pint this morning since I killed the first one last night. I'd hate to lose too much weight and be healthy you know.

I pried the lid loose and grabbed the scoop from the dish drainer. Three stripes of chocolaty goodness awaited me, white on the left, dark chocolate in the middle and chocolate chocolate on the right. I tell you about the stripes and the colors because it needs to be said that I like to leave my favorite taste last. In this case, that would be the dark chocolate. So, I need to scoop and plan my bowl properly so that I can end my frozen treat on the right note.

I plunged the scoop into the hard ice cream. It kept going. The ice cream bounced out of the container and did a swan-dive to the floor.


I won't lie. I looked at the giant scoop of dark chocolate ice cream to assess whether it could still be eaten. Alas, ice cream fares even less well than peanut butter cups. The dust bunnies clinging to MY ice cream were enjoying a tasty treat.

With a sigh, I threw the tainted ice cream into the sink. Dark chocolate down the drain. Literally. What a waste.

Spirit damaged, but not totally broken I forged ahead. I was going to get my ice cream.

Scoop. Plunge. Ice Cream. Dive.


I'm beginning to wonder if there is something wrong with this tub of ice cream and God is trying to save me from myself. Oh well, if He is, He's going to have to do more than that.

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Shannon Renee said...

I know EXACTLY what you went thru. Year ago, co-worker bugged us to get ice cream cones...yada, yada, yada...on the way back in the office, hers hit the ground. All of us busted into laughter, some of crying we laughed so hard. As for my personal travails w/ food, I've had it hit the floor, my lap, my desk, my carseat, my couch, and any place else you can consider. Seemingly its always one of the first bites or the last tasty bit that gets lost. That's why we have the 5-second rule, though not for ice cream...sorry.

Mandy said...

When things like that happen to me, I usually let a huge curse word go and then eat right out of the carton.

I'm all class.

chelle said...

Oh geez that is sure a hard way to get a yummy snack! I am glad you were successful in the end!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Gah! That is sooo sad! If you need the contact for a support group, just let me know. Chocolate ... ice cream ... gone forever....

I've given you a blogging award! Just check my site.

Beck said...

Next thing you know, a lightening bolt will hit your fridge. Or mine, since I'm sitting here eating a chocolate bar.

Kara said...

Oh, that is just so funny!

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