Thursday, August 7, 2008

Days of school this week = 1

Okay, one and a half. Seriously, M has only been in school 4 full days out of the 8 (including tomorrow).

So far first grade really rocks.

She went to school yesterday, and was fine. K, D and I all took a nap in the afternoon. It was lovely.

This morning M woke up whining. Her tummy hurt. Really bad.

And me, being the stellar mom that I am? I didn't believe her that she was really sick.

Honestly, I took her temp and it was normal. I thought she just wanted to stay home and watch TV.

The school nurse called at noon to tell me to come and get my sick kid. Temp 101.6 supposedly (I could not duplicate that high a reading at home.) so that means she can't go to school tomorrow either.

Great timing with this sickness thing since I'm trying to get things ready for our garage sale. Oh well.

To be fair, M did lay in her bed for a good hour and a half when we got home (following a dose of ibuprofen). So, she must have felt REALLY feel crappy.

Of course now that the ibuprofen is working on the aches and pains, she's right back to fighting with her brother...and asking for desert 2 seconds after she's done eating supper.

I'm thinking more alcohol will be applied tonight.

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Amanda said...

Oh boy. I took Ave to the doc yesterday. She'd been complaining about giants in her ears which is code for "ear infection." I was pretty stressed feeling bad that just like getting the registration for our car, I'd let this lapse. Head hung in shame and butterflies in my belly I took her in. Lo and behold, no infection, no nothing.

Sometimes you just gotta let it go.

Yay for unexpected naps though!

Mrs. Chicken said...

Oh man, sounds familiar. The Poo missed more school than she attended last year. Hoping for a germ-free year this time around for us both!

louann said...

I hope she feels better the soonest!

My son only went to school 2x this week -- because of the heavy heavy rains, I made him stay home.

mothergoosemouse said...

Aw...poor girl. Like you, I don't buy the "I don't feel good" protests.

But I'm glad she's feeling better. Ready to go back on Monday, I'm sure!

Michelle @Fizzledink said...

Aw, that stinks!!! Hope they are both (all) better soon & that the wine cooler(s) hit(s) the spot. :0)

chelle said...

I always feel really really bad when I do not believe that the kid is sick, then it turns out she is sick!

Hope everyone is feeling way better already!

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