Saturday, July 19, 2008

Vacation Recap: Thursday June 19

(So it's been a month since we went on this vacation. I better finish this up! Again, this is the recap. Sorry about the torture. It is almost finished. And these last posts will be heavy on the photos. You've been warned.
Okay. Well I can't get all the photos to upload so I'll just post photos in their own post.)
D turns 4 weeks old today!

Also of note: It has been one week since I was diagnosed with a kidney stone. They said if it didn't pass in a week that I'd have to come back in. So, if it doesn't pass before we get home it looks like I'll have to make another visit to the doctor. Not fun.

Craig didn't keep any of the fish he caught this morning, but Boppa kept a walleye.

After breakfast the activity of the day was making shark-tooth or stone necklaces. M and K both chose the shark tooth necklace. We cheated with K's and got a tooth that was already wrapped with wire for lacing on the necklace. Of course I had to take the necklaces and put them away right away because with all the playing they'd have them lost in 2.2 seconds.

Then K peed his pants for the 400th time of the week.

Everyone must have been tired since we spent the rest of the morning in the cabin, some of us napping and others just watching TV.

After a little lunch, we headed to the beach for the usual activities. I worked on M's tutu that I'm making. Craig took K fishing in the boat for a while, then came back and took M fishing. K spent the afternoon looking for shells.
Supper was courtesy of my brother, Jason, and his wife, Kristi. (Okay, so Kristi made it.) It was grilled chicken, cheesy potatoes and corn. Yummy!

After supper, Craig took Jason, Kristi, B, & M fishing. This photo was taken moments before my brother mooned me. Yeah. It wasn't pretty.
Amma and I sat in the cabin with Ms. D. Boppa helped K and E do some fishing off the dock.

The moon was lovely once again. We don't have views like that in Rochester.

No games or movies tonight. Activity? Slapping ourselves as the approximately 4362 mosquitoes in our cabin try to suck our blood.

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louann said...

Looks like a fun and eventful vacay!

Chels said...

Its so hard to believe that we were there one month ago, feels like it should be more

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