Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another Party in the Books

Another July joint M and K birthday party is complete. I tried to make it slightly smaller this year in that I only made lunch for the relatives (they came at 11:30) and invited friends for the kids to come for cake and ice cream only (at 1 o'clock).

We had a bug theme, so as the kids arrived they each got a bug box and went in search of bugs to put in them. This was surprisingly popular with the kids.

Then it was cake and ice cream time, opening gifts from the friends, then more playing/swimming in the kids pools. The friends left by 3:30, then we opened gifts from relatives.

It was still chaotic...I don't know how you can have that many kids (20) and not have it be chaotic. But it seemed slightly less hectic (only slightly) than last year. I think the not serving everyone lunch and not having so many parents there may have helped for some reason.

D did so well despite the fact that her mom was unable to nurse her when she wanted to eat. She pretty much just decided to go back to sleep. She probably wanted to shut out all the was probably quite overwhelming for her.

Look! I actually got to sit down!

Next year? I don't know what we'll do. These combined parties for M and K are nice to get it all over in one day, but man it's a lot of work. Maybe just a small party for friends for each of them or something...or M could just invite a friend to sleep over?

What do other people do when their kids' birthdays are close together?

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slouching mom said...

your kids are adorable.

and you! you are very talented, you know. those cupcakes!

Guinevere Meadow said...

Gah! Blogger ate my comment! Here's attempt #2:

Such a sweet birthday party theme! I especially love the dragonfly cupcakes. It's nice to see a simple fun birthday party- people around here go to crazy expenses for their kid's parties. I'm dreading when Lance gets older and all his friends have super-fancy expensive outings, and he'll be having cake and ice cream at home, with a scavenger hunt through the neighborhood or something!

Maybe you could celebrate one of the birthdays on the half-birthday instead. Lance's bday is near Christmas, and as we have 7 other family and friend birthdays between November and February, we find that celebrating his half-birthdays instead makes it a little bit more special for him. That way he doesn't have to share his day with anyone else. Just a thought!

Mrs. Chicken said...

Those cupcakes are KILLING me. I want one!

Your kids are beautiful. Happy birthday to your big girl!

Awesome Mom said...

It looks like a fun time was had by all. You might try letting your kids switch off party years. One year is a friend party and one year is an immediate family party.

louann said...

I like the pictures and I seem to love the whole idea of the party. A bug themed party?! I think that's really cool. And the cupcakes look yummy!

We have a belief back here that a child's 1st, 7th and 18th (if its a girl) and 21st (if it's a boy) should be a bit grand. So for my kids, I did have a big 1st birthday for them with friends and relatives and lots of food. But for their succeeding birthdays, we just usually have a small dinner get together for relatives. And then, the hubby and I take the boys on a out of town trip.

Kate said...

Looks like great party, and great job on the treats! My kids don't have close birthdays, so I can't have them together, but looks like you're doing it right. My brother's kids have close birthdays in the summer and they do the same thing.

Kara said...

Great cupcakes! I loved the bug theme idea too. Glad it was a great day!

Sandy said...

And I thought I was crazy when it comes to the parties. My kids had a fabulous time, by the way.

Mandy said...

My oldest two children have birthdays a month apart. I used to have birthday parties for them together until my oldest turned 5. Then my daughter has sleepover parties with her school friends and my son has a party at a local small pizza place with games, cake and of course pizza.

I used to love to plan parties and go all out. But I think the more they have, it gets old. Especially the more kids you have.

I like the bug theme. Those cupcakes looked really good. Those pics turned out good too. Good thing it didn't rain.

Damselfly said...

Wow! You really outdid yourself! Love the dragonfly cupcake and the picture of you and D!

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