Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vacation Haiku

I'm on vacation.
Waiting to pass my first stone.
Peeing is not fun.

I'm not reading blogs;
I will be so far behind.
Feed reader purge soon.

Vacation recap
will soon be appearing
on this here blog site.

6 people like me!:

Kirsetin said...

Enjoy a well-deserved rest!

chelle said...

awww sending pass a pain-free stone vibes! Enjoy your vacation!

Don Mills Diva said...


Hope you're enjoying your vacay regardless!

Domestic Accident said...

That just stinks. Hope it passes quickly.

Mom Thumb said...

Hope it goes well and you do get some rest. The baby is beautiful!

angi said...

I am behind in my reading too (obviously)...I'm also hoping that your stone passes quickly, and without too much pain :(

Feel better SOON & enjoy your vacation!

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