Friday, June 6, 2008

The End is the New Beginning and Other Stuff

Yesterday was Miss M's last day of school. This means that in 6 short weeks she will step back into her school as a first grader.

I rolled my sore body into the car to go pick her up with the rest of my family. I took photos of her celebrating with some of her friends. I took a photo of her with her teacher. She was positively giddy, alternately hugging her friends and picking them up while trying to jump up and down.

I thought she might want to linger, to savor those last moments with her school friends, to hang on to the last bits of kindergarten, but no. When I said it was time to go, she agreed, gleefully.

Bye! she shouted to kindergarten, already done. A memory that will fade quickly until it is something only pictures will remind us about.

We passed another of her friends on the way to our cars. Her friend had a few tears trickling down her face. Why are you sad, A? Miss M couldn't think why there would be tears on a day that was clearly wonderful, but she hugged her friend in hopes that the gesture would make her feel better.

Then we went for ice cream.

Yesterday morning I also had another appointment to check my incision. It turns out that I was mistaken about the size of my wound and Craig chose to not correct me. It is about 1 ½ inches long, not just a pencil eraser size. Craig took a picture of it so I could see it and it looks like what it is, an opening in my skin. I think I’ll be healing for quite a while.

On a positive note, they told me that I have just 3.3 pounds to lose until I’m at my pre-preggo weight. Maybe I can keep the weight loss going and get to a healthier weight. That would be nice.

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slouching mom said...

I'm so sorry about the incision. :(

Jack graduates from K today.

Life As I Know It said...

Mine finishes up his Kindergarten year in two weeks.
I can't believe it.
I cried on his last day of preschool so who knows what kind of mess I'll be this year..

Hope you heal soon.

Beck said...

I think it's us who want to linger. We know things are never going to be as they were, while for all they know, they'll be going to kindergarten for EVER.

Mayberry said...


My daughter left K without a backward glance too!

Sandy said...

I refused to ever look at my incision -- it was just too scary for me.

Congrats on the loss! Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

susiej said...

I struggle with these transitions... it's been a tough week. Congrats on the weight... that is fast!

Damselfly said...

How nice that M is happy rather than sad!

I hope you can heal quickly. Having a picture taken of your wound, though - ugh!

chelle said...

Children amaze me how they do not seem to look back. My daughter doesn't look back either. Enjoys the moment.

eeps. Heel!

Bonnie B said...

Well congratulations! WOW i have been gone a long time. I leave for seven months and there's a new kid on your blog. fantastic! I just love fuzzy baby heads and tiny squishy feet. My baby is 4-- and I sooooo want another one, but we had that taken care of long ago. I knew this would happen, so I'll just have to be the psycho woman who salivates at the sight of other people's babies.

My middle babe just finished kindergarten too. I was expecting her to be sad too, but no, she was over it. I don't even know if she said goodbye to her teacher. Kids are so fickle.

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