Thursday, April 24, 2008

My day, the bulleted version

Today, I:

  • rescued a fair maiden from a big bad spider.
  • took my daughter to school.
  • played Webkinz and snuggled with my son.
  • made and ate lunch.
  • took my son to school.
  • got a few things at Tar-jay.
  • wrestled with my cat.
  • cleaned up cat vomit/hairball.
  • took my cat to the vet.
  • went to Hobby Lobby.
  • picked up my kids at their schools.
  • played Webkinz with both my kids.
  • designed a rough-draft graduation announcement.
  • cooked and ate supper.
  • watched part of Survivor until a storm knocked it off the air.
  • trimmed my daughter's bangs.
  • helped my daughter brush her teeth.
  • tucked my daughter in bed.
  • comforted my daughter 5 minutes later when a particularly loud crack of thunder scared her so much she was shaking.
  • tucked my daughter in bed. Again.
  • started watching Grey's Anatomy.
  • started writing a blog post.
  • continued to grow a human.

So, what did you do today?

4 people like me!:

Mayberry said...

I definitely didn't grow a human!

Beck said...

Growing a human always felt like it was enough for one day's to-do list, really.
Today, my kids are home and I am HARRIED!

Jeff said...

And what did you do after lunch?

chelle said...

geez woman! and people say I am busy!

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