Saturday, April 5, 2008

Friday Fun

I'm still here. I've had a lot to write and nothing to write so I just didn't write. And yesterday we were too busy living in the real world to spend time in the virtual world. Oh, we had time to take care of the Webkinz, but just barely.

We spent the day at the MOA. We had to check out the Nickelodeon Universe to see if it was just as good as Camp Snoopy was. It's pretty much the same, just different characters.

I brought along my bottle of Tylenol and took some about a half-hour before we arrived at the mall so that I could attempt to keep my whiny body happy during the time I would be requiring it to move more than it wants to move these days.

The kids were ready for rides immediately upon arrival of course and they both went on the log ride (one of those water/roller coaster type rides). Yes, K is even tall enough to go on that ride now with Dad. And he went on it. Will he go on it again? Doubtful. I told him he went on the big ride and he just said "yeah, and it was scary!" So I guess his wild streak doesn't run as deep as M's.

We went for lunch at the Rainforest Cafe, per M's request. The kids enjoyed searching the aquariums for fish from Finding Nemo and Shark Tale. I'm going to guess that they didn't care for the simulated thunderstorms that rolled through while we were eating though:

Craig took some photos of me and the kids. I really need to get my hair cut and styled again one of these years. K was attempting to squeeze juice out of my head.

Then M got a little silly.

After lunch I hit Archivers to get some more card-making and scrapbooking supplies. Let's say I could have bought more but I restrained myself. Gah! It's a sickness. Buy my cards people! I need to sell to pay for my scrap habit!
Anywho! Pay no attention to the lady behind the curtain.

Craig took M to go on the big rides (roller coasters and such) while K wanted to drive the little boats that operate on tokens. Then K decided to drive the big rigs a few times. That, apparently was the pregnant lady ride. There were three of us standing there watching our kids on that ride.

K also spent some time standing in line to jump in Spongebob's pineapple house.

Later, we found Craig and M and Craig and I switched kids. M wanted to go on another big ride and I told her she'd have to go on all by herself then because Mom obviously can't go on any rides this time. She was fine with that and I found myself looking at my daughter's shoes:

You know you've got a wild child when your 5-year-old can't get enough of the rides that some teenagers won't even go on at all.

One last stop at the Tollhouse Cookie store for some cookies. $8 for 6 cookies? Holy crap! Bags of cookies "baked yesterday"? $3.99...oh, and buy one get one free. Oh yeah. I was tempted to grab the lot of them but they weren't all just chocolate chip.
We didn't get home until 9 last night, which is a good 2 hours after the kids' bedtime. But we had fun. Our legs and feet were killing us. I have blisters on the bottoms of both feet.
Good times.

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slouching mom said...

very cute photos of all of you!

susiej said...

You look great... when are you due? Can't tell.

Beck said...

Those are really fun pictures!
Ah, the good ol' strangulation hug, eh?

Domestic Accident said...

You know this officially makes you mother of the year? Doing that 9 months pregnant? Oh, yes, you deserve an award of some sort. Hope your blisters heal quickly!

Chels said...

All of the pictures are very good. I really like the first one of K @ the restaurant.

Damselfly said...

You did all of that while *pregnant*?! And only Tylenol to go on?! Wow....

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