Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tips for using the drop-off lane at your child’s school

  1. Do not pull into the lane, get out and leave your vehicle unattended while you escort your child into the building. This is not dropping off, this is taking your child into the school. Park in a designated parking space if you want to take your child into the building.
  2. Pull forward as far as you can into the lane when you come to pick up your child. The people whose cars are sitting in the street can see that if you’d just pull up we could fit 3 more cars in the lane.
  3. Pick up time is not the time for a parent-teacher conference.
  4. Don’t get huffy at me because I’m waiting for my child to buckle up before I pull away from the curb. It is the law. And I happen to love my child enough to keep her safe.
  5. Smile and acknowledge your child’s existence when dropping her off and picking her up. Your phone call can wait a few minutes.
  6. The bus lane is NOT a drop-off or pick-up lane. The rest of us are waiting in line like we're supposed to. You are not special...even if your car is yellow.

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susiej said...

Yes, it is the law-- people just get so impatient! We actually had a terrible accident in our preschool a few years ago... and the teachers now meet everyone at the drop-off lane.
The school we just moved too, doesn't have one, and because of that accident, and do, hold my breath every time I pull out of my parking space.

Michelle said...

Oh, man, I'd like to give this list to EVERY school I worked for. Seems like the pick up lane is a problem for almost every school -- if there's not a *really* well enforced system, people get lazy and rude.

Mrs. Swizzle said...

Preach sister!

The private school where a friend's kids attend gave her 30+ pages of car line rules. I wonder how many of THOSE rules get broken.

angi said...

I could not agree more :)

Alex Elliot said...

Can I post this rules at my son's preschool? Actually they banned cell phone use in the parking lot. Not sure if something minor happened or they just realized it could, but they do take it pretty seriously.

chelle said...

hehe all so so so true!

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