Thursday, March 6, 2008

Help? Please?

I know I asked for help on this before but I heard crickets for all the response I got.

Perhaps if I take it up a notch to begging and pleading someone will take pity on me.

My blog is f'ed up. Blogger won't even let me edit my template layout anymore except on every 300th try.

A few people have told me that my blog crashes their computers. Others have said it takes forever to load. Now, it is even taking forever for it to load for me ON BROADBAND.

I took some of the stuff off of my sidebar in a weak attempt to make it load faster. Yeah. Useless. Didn't help a bit.

There's errors. Lots of them I suspect, since Technorati hasn't listed me with any authority since I started looking at Technorati...and I know that at least 3 people have linked to me over the almost 2 years of blogging.

I don't know xml or whatever the "F" it is called that you're supposed to use, so I have no idea how to fix these errors. And how did they get there anyway? It's not like I'm in there playing html roulette.

If I don't get the errors fixed somehow I'm thinking that I'll need to just scrap this blog and start over.

So. Help? Anyone?

Oh and please read the post below this one. I kind of liked how it turned out and it's not as whiny and blathering as this one.

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Bikini said...

I'll help if I can - I'm pretty good at manipulating my Blogger template, but am not familiar with some of the other widgets you've got.

Don Mills Diva said...

I wish I could help you but I'm really a Luddite. Blogger seems fine for me but if it starts to act up I won't have a clue what to do...

Jeff said...

I would be the first one to jump to your rescue, but just creating my boring template took me forever and once I got it "set" I haven't messed with it since. Plus, I still haven't even upgraded my template to take advantage of the "new" blogger features so I'm still operating in the dark ages.

BTW, I've never had problems with your site loading or crashing or anything. What kind of errors are you getting?

chelle said...

I have never ha issues with your site either. I am not blogger knowledgeable really but I could try to help.

Have you tried switching to a default blogger template and modding from that? There are a few free template places that have some funky stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather -- I'm late getting to this post, but thought I'd chime in. First of all, I used to have a problem with the taking-forever-to-load thing, but today your blog came right up :-) so whatever you did seems to have worked.

I've switched my blog to Wordpress, but back in my Blogger days I did a pretty good bit of layout manipulation. ;-) What exactly do you want to change/add/do? I can try to help. (Feel free to just continue this conversation via email if that's easier, LOL!)

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