Monday, March 17, 2008

Getting there

My doctor says that everything is going along just swimmingly with this pregnancy. She chastised me a little bit because she was asking about any aches and pains I might have and I said it wasn't too bad other than the groin pain of my muscles stretching, you know, down there. (Note to are 5 1/2 years too late to start "practicing" with the muscles needed for childbirth. Just so you know.) She said "Oh you never complain." So, see Craig? Even the doctor thinks I don't complain much during my pregnancies...just think if I was a complainer.

Then she wanted to schedule the consultation with the OB department to talk about my c-section and how we're going to get this baby out without the anesthesia wearing off before they're done putting me back together. So they scheduled it for next week, until I got home and they called to say the OB department won't see me until I'm between 32 and 34 weeks. (I'm 30 weeks.) So, naturally since this is my third child they scheduled me at the tail end of that range. Gosh I hope this kid doesn't decide to be different than my other two and try to come early. I think the lovely doctors at the Mayo Clinic just like to give me things to worry about.

Other than that, baby's heart rate would increase every time my doctor talked to her: "Hi peanut! How're we doing in there?" Speed up, then start to settle down. "You hear me in there?" Speed up. She's paying attention in there. So watch what you say about her. If she ends up being like her big sis she won't be taking crap from anyone.

Also, I started selling a few baby items in my etsy shop. We'll see what happens with that I guess.

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Anonymous said...

That is so cool about the baby's heartbeat. I am fascinated by what amazing things the baby brain is doing before it is even born. And responding to a female voice? It MUST be a girl!

Hope you get your surgery scheduled soon. I was lucky enough to have my 3rd's due date on Christmas day, so my OB scheduled me early so he could spend some time with his family!

Mrs. Swizzle said...

This may be the last time she ever listens to you!

Glad all is going well.

chelle said...

YAY that is all well and the baby is doing well. I wasn't really a complainer during pregnancy either although my husband would beg to differ!

Kara said...

It seems like just yesterday you announced that you were pregnant. I can't believe she'll arrive in 10 weeks (or so.)

I'm glad it's all gone so smoothly.

Damselfly said...

Love it! Just bought some stuff...

susiej said...

Wow! It's so close!! So excited for you! How are you sleeping?

Heather said...

DA- I doubt that I'll get that lucky to have it scheduled any earlier than a week.

Mrs.'re probably right. Thanks for reminding me.

Chelle...yeah, Craig thinks I complain a lot too.

Kara...I'm glad my pregnancy is going quickly for you! She should be here in 9 weeks at the latest.

YAY! Thanks Damselfly!

susiej...I'm not sleeping worth crap. Thanks for asking!

Jeff said...

You're lucky you get to go to the Mayo. Nothing like being at the finest hospital in the world!

Cheri said...

She's going to be a smart girl!

Alex Elliot said...

Wow only 9 weeks!

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