Sunday, March 2, 2008

I'm open!

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With the installation of our broadband internet access, I was able to get my brand new etsy shop up and running!

To celebrate my grand opening I'm giving away 3 of my cards!

The ladybug one says "happy birthday" on the inside. The flower one is blank inside. The other birthday card says "celebrate!" inside.

Want to win them? Here's what you need to do:

Go to my shop and look around: Find your favorite card(s), then come back here and leave me a comment to tell me which one(s) you like the best. That's it.

(Of course if you want to buy something while you're there, that would be cool too!)

US or Canada addresses only for this contest please. Leave your email address in the comments (or shoot me an email with it) if you don't have a blog with your email listed. If the winner doesn't respond within 3 days of me sending the email I'll pick a new winner. (I use

Non-bloggers are welcome to participate as well!

I'll stop accepting entries on Sunday, March 2 at 1 pm central time.

18 people like me!:

Anonymous said...

They all look so neat! Great job and great success with your new adventure. Amma

Mrs. Chicken said...

Ain't broadband grand? I can't imagine how you were blogging and blog surfing on dial-up! Your cards are adorable. I'll be bookmarking your etsy shop!

chelle said...

You go girl!!! w00t for broadband!

The Rainbow background birthday card is soo cute!

Your shop rocks ... I faved you :)

Bon777 said...

I'm BACK!!
Good for you!!
I've been wanting to start an Etsy shop for my photographs for ages...maybe you will be my inspiration! Do you have any advise?
Lovely cards BTW.

Sandy said...

your site looks fabulous! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I really love all of them, but especially the rose all-occassion one. And I just really think I should win your prize, because I must be your favorite Auntie! --Sue

Karen said...

I like all the ones with flowers. :)

angi said...

Congrats Heather, your shop looks great! You are very talented :) I agree with everyone that they are all great, but my very favorite is the girl birthday cake card (i looove ribbon).

Wishing you lots of luck & many sales!!!

Mrs. Swizzle said...

Yea! welcome to etsy! Now, promote, promote, promote!

I'm off to check out the shop!

ewe are here said...

Congrats on getting your new store up and running!

Alex Elliot said...

They all look fabulous. I think my favorite is the 4 weddings and a funeral pack because I love the cards and I like the name as well!

Mrs. Swizzle said...

Would you mind if I featured your etsy store on my Little Shop of Baubles blog?

Heather said...

Thanks for the offer Mrs. Swizzle. That would be great!

windycindy said...

Hello, Congratulations on your new site. You make wonderful cards! I like the dimensional birthday cake card and the garden flower birthday card.....Thanks,Cindi

Kristen Welch said...

I love your cards. . . very cute!

soccer mom in denial said...

Oh wow! You are talented. And put the rest of us to shame.

I really like the gender neutral green baby card. Great job.


Anonymous said...

Count me in. I like them all as well. If I had to choose one or two, I'd go with the Cheerful Thanks or side with M on the Glittery flowers.....Kristi

BNY said...

This one is my favorite:

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