Monday, July 30, 2007

Random Thoughts #14

Edited to add link to online news article re: Hannah Davis.

Yeah, it's supposed to be 13, but I don't do that number because I'm a freak.

An item in the paper that made me laugh:

Parking lot of RCTC's Heintz Center, Thursday. An 18-year-old man smashed the windows and taillights of his car with a crowbar because he was frustrated when it broke down. Later he lit it on fire. The man was arrested and faces arson charges.

I think he might have some anger issues.

So the graphic is a little large, but I am not so smart about this web stuff anymore. My BabyCenter friend Angi called me a Rockin' Girl Blogger a while ago (thanks Angi!) and I'm a terrible bloggie friend and didn't do my duty to pass on the award since I was busy letting my kids get older.

So. I bestow the "Rockin' Girl Blogger" award on:

Sandy, Betty, Elizabeth, Kara and Bon777 (Sorry, don't know your name!).

A blog you must read:

I heard about this blog on another blog and her story makes my heart ache. Have tissues handy when you read it. Trust me. I keep going back because it makes me cherish my days with my kids.

I looked up the story online and found one article about the incident. She was 5 1/2 years old. My daughter plays the same game in the water. I write about it in this hodgepodge post because I want it to be not real for this family...but it is. I pray that I never know their pain.

I'm behind.

I am waaay behind on reading the Harry Potter books. I have just started book 5, The Order of the Phoenix. So far it's much darker than I remember Harry Potter being. I'm fairly sure I know who dies in the last one because I stupidly had some news program on while making supper last night. Oh well. I'm a big girl and can handle it I think. Is it like knowing who/what Rosebud is? I don't know. I have never seen that movie either, maybe because I know Rosebud. Don't worry Sandy, I was fairly certain he was a good guy already.


My family has TWO family reunions coming up. The first is Craig's family reunion this weekend. The last reunion they had Miss M was only about one month old. She barfed all over herself in the car as we were about to leave. It was lovely.

Next weekend we have a reunion with my Dad's family. We're supposed to bring things like sunscreen, photos of our families and tape recorders. Who has a tape recorder? What are we supposed to be recording? Photos of our family? Why? Hellooooo! Just look at us! We're here! This is what we look like.


My daughter loves kindergarten, but it's wiping her out. She is not sleeping enough because she says the sun wakes her up. I put up curtains and it is DARK in her room. As dark as it can be. She still can't sleep past sunrise. This makes for an over dramatic, tired child by 6 o'clock. Enter lots of crying over little things, to the point of the sniff, sniff, sniff hyperventilating-type cry. Not fun. I have told her to come in and sleep with Mommy after Daddy leaves for work in the morning. We'll see if that helps. She never took naps before, so I'm not sure why Kindergarten is wiping her out so much right now, but I suppose it's just a lot of new stuff and it's emotionally draining to be a big kid suddenly.

She tells me "Tony" has had "time-outs" both Friday and today. Apparently "Tony" has issues. I wonder if M has had any "time-outs." She says no but you never can tell with kids. I hope she's doing as well as she seems to be.

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Jeff said...

Holy crap, that story about Hannah is SO sad! Can you post the link to the story? I'd be interested in knowing what exactly happened. My heart goes out to that poor family. :-(

Sandy said...

Ahh....I spoil Harry Potter, and you give me an award??? How did I get so lucky?

That story about Hannah left a huge lump in my throat. I can't believe she was able to blog about it all so poignantly. I looked at that little girl, and I saw my own.

Damselfly said...

Two family reunions, oy!

Congrats on being a rockin' blogger!

Heather said...

Jeff, I knew someone would ask for the link, but I didn't save it and I haven't been able to find it again. It was just a short story that said that there was a drowning at a beach on a river...I think it was in VA. It said that she was playing a game with another girl where they were trying to touch the bottom. She didn't come up again.

The story said more details would follow, but I couldn't see that any more details were released.

Horrible, horrible accident. I was supposed to take my kids to a local beach the day after I read Hannah's story. Yeah, we didn't go.

Sandy, I'm amazed at how she could write so beautifully too. The post about Hannah Sparkling really got to me too.

Heather said...

This is not the original article, but it tells what happened. I'll link to it above too.,0,5278204.story?coll=va-news

Bon777 said...

Hi Heather...I'm sure M will do fine at school once she get used to everything...I've found that girls can be very may have a harder time when the boy goes to school but then maybe not.
PS. Thanks for the rocking blogger nomination...but umm...what do I do?

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