Friday, July 13, 2007

Lucky redefined

I'm usually all wigged out on "Friday the 13th," but today I didn't even realize the date until Craig mentioned it on the phone this morning. Then, I promptly forgot again.

But if today was supposed to be unlucky, well, it failed. We went swimming at a local pool with my sister-in-law and her boys. We were there from noon until about 3 p.m. The day went surprisingly well considering K-man didn't have a nap. He fell asleep in Craig's and my bed before 7 tonight, but when I tried to move him to his bed he woke up. Currently, he's got his head by the crack under his door to periodically inquire "Daddy?" He should pass out soon from sheer exhaustion and sleep until at least 9 tomorrow. Maybe.

Miss M has been sleeping since about 7:30. The kids both had quick baths tonight (third night in a row for a bath when we usually do every other night) since they went swimming in a pool with chlorine again today (and yesterday! fun times!).

I bathed K first and set him loose to pester his Dad while M had her quickie bath. I was helping her get her pajamas on when she starts to examine my face a little too closely.

Mommy? Why do you get those pimples on your face all the time?

Sheesh. I was thinking my skin was pretty clear recently, save for 2 in the "kid's hair snuggle area," that always ensures at least one on my chin line.

My response? Oh, I'm just lucky I guess.

Mommy? I don't want to be lucky like you.

That's what I get for sarcasm.

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Kara said...

At one time, I truly believed that adults wouldn't get pimples. I thought it all ended at 18. Aren't we lucky?

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