Saturday, July 14, 2007

Aluminum Overcast

I'd like to show you my Grandfather K's (K is obviously named after him) office during WWII:

I'm sure it had quite a view, but one I think I'd rather not see with people shooting at me. The one my grandpa flew was called Naughty Narda.

This is a B-17 Bomber aircraft. This particular one (named Aluminum Overcast) never saw action as it was delivered after the war had ended. For $10 per family we stood in line for about an hour to climb inside. I've been in one as a kid, the Sentimental Journey which we toured with my grandfather, but it has been about 20 years.Yeah, you can't be a big person and tour these. I was borderline. I saw this tiny walkway and thought I'd still be wedged in there tonight. Thankfully I was able to suck it in to get through.Claustrophobia anyone? I don't know how an adult male squeezed his butt into one of these. Miss M had trouble fitting with her long legs.K wasn't interested in sitting in the ball turret. He did oblige for a photo by the ginormous wheel. He also said he wasn't going to go inside the airplane, but finally consented if we'd give him a Push-up ice cream when we got home. He was afraid the airplane would take off with us in it. (No such luck. You'd have to pay $400 a head for that!)
It's pretty amazing to see these aircrafts. (I think it's still here tomorrow 1-5 or something like that if you're in town and want to see it!)

Thanks Grandpa!

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wayabetty said...

We went to San Diego and visited a ship with all these airplanes on the deck. It was so cool. My sons and hubbie were thrilled to check these planes out.

Were these pix taken on that ship as well (I can't remember the name of that ship for the life of me!).

Sandy said...

That looks seriously cool. My kids would've loved that!

Heather said...

Betty, wow that sounds interesting to see. No, this was just one plane that came to our local airport.

Sandy, K was not that thrilled with going in, but M thought it was all good.

Kara said...

I saw that it was going to be in town. What a neat piece of history.

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