Friday, July 27, 2007

Busy day

Craig took the day off today as we thought today would be M's first day of Kindergarten. Well, officially it was since yesterday was "orientation." We dropped M off at school; she consented to allowing K, Craig and I walk her to the door; then confidently strode into the building.

I had a meeting this morning with my former boss at the ECFE program in town about a hopefully interesting and successful new project for the program. I felt interesting and like I had important thoughts and ideas...something that doesn't happen often for stay-home moms. I hope that this project can bring that feeling to other moms...whether they stay home or work outside the home. We'll see how it pans out and I'll link to it when I'm ready to share...if I am.

At the same time that I was at my meeting, Craig took K to the bank to cash in his piggie bank and deposit his birthday check from my in-laws, then they went to a "man" store to get some parts for the boat or something like that, then they went to a garage sale and picked up a free treadmill and a $2 Lite-brite cube. (The kids love the Lite-brite.)

Lunch then naps for the 3 family members not at school. Sorry M!

We all went to pick up M at school. I pulled into the pick-up lane and noticed one of the kindergarten teachers with M's friend from preschool that is her only friend attending the same school. I asked Craig to get out and tell her that A's mom is toward the back of the line in the red mini-van since she seemed sort-of lost-looking to me. He went and delivered the message and found M. I noticed him chatting with one of the teachers for a few minutes so after we were all set to go home I asked what was up.

Apparently the teachers had decided on their classes (they wanted to "observe" the kids for a bit first before dividing the kids up.) M is not in the same class as either of the two kids she knew previously, but that is probably fine. She tells me she has a new friend named Abby who she sat at lunch with.

The class list indicates that there is actually an Abigail in her class so that is a good sign.

M seems to really enjoy Kindergarten so far. I made it through today without any crying which is MUCH better than yesterday. I still miss the little girl who suddenly seems older, but I know she's enjoying being a big kid. Like I said before, another milestone...for M and for me.

I find myself missing days gone by, but as usual I enjoy each day, each age, more and more as my kids get older. I think I've experienced my favorite age with the kids and they get older and I appreciate what their current age brings. It's fun to see them develop into individuals. And sometimes it's not so fun too.

Tonight, the kids played Lite-Brite while Craig made supper (pork kabobs and fresh sweet corn-on-the-cob). M made pictures of horses and houses and K made things similar, but not-so-recognizable.

Baths, bed.

I asked K as I was rocking him tonight Do you know that I love you?


Do you think I love you a little bit or a whole bunch?

He smiled. A whole bunch.

You're right.

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angi said...

I (actually we...hubby too) are going through a little days gone by sadness too *sniff*

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