Friday, June 29, 2007

Vacation Recap: The trip home and notes for next year

We had to have a last-minute family photo by the water before we left. The packing up went pretty well, since I just have to get the stuff ready to go in the truck and Craig takes it from there.

(Miscellaneous thought: I had thought before we went on vacation that K-man would not take naps this year. He actually wanted to take naps...and early. He'd be up at 9 and want to take a nap by 11. The fresh air really wore him out I guess.)

M decided to ride home with Boppa and Amma, who were pulling Myron's borrowed boat since he was doped up because of his back. It was a remarkably peaceful ride home with only one child in the car. K had no one to fight with.

We are all tan and tired.

The kids began fighting as if we'd never left home within 5 minutes of stepping into our house.

We're home. Waaaaaaahhhh!
Notes for next year:

  1. Split children up for the drive. One per car is ideal, but perhaps simply splitting up siblings will have the same effect.
  2. Get water shoes. Those rocks are killer on your feet when you're attempting to get into your raft.
  3. Do not pack a tub of toys. They just sit in the cabin untouched all week.
  4. Mark all rafts, noodles, etc that we bring with our initials before we go.
  5. Bring 2 loaves of bread...$3.09 for a loaf of bread? Are you kidding me?
  6. Bring bug bite stuff. Go buy some if you can't find the stuff you already have.
  7. Perhaps pizza for supper again next year. The tacos were okay, but I found myself looking at the pizza in Walker somewhat longingly.
  8. Bring K's Army men for play in the sand.
  9. Bring disposable plastic storage containers for miscellaneous use. (There were no such storage options in our cabin. I bought some Gladware in Longville.)
  10. We don't need to bring salt and pepper.
  11. If you need a vegetable peeler for anything, bring one along. Thank goodness I brought one. (Dollar new favorite store.)
  12. Bring a large mixing bowl with a cover. Trust me.
  13. Non-stick cooking spray is your friend.
  14. Don't forget dish towels, dish washcloths, bathroom towels and washcloths and hand soap for in the bathroom. Air freshener. AIR FRESHENER.
  15. Bring the DVD Pop Culture again.
  16. A case and a half of sodas for me. 1 case did not cut it.
  17. Do not need to bring fans or step-stool.
  18. Jiffy Pop. Necessary.
  19. Think of something fun for the kids to do when the grown-ups are playing their game.
  20. Bring a wider variety of first-aid items.

Is it time to go back yet?

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Meghann said...

Thanks for the comment! I was on the July 04 BBC board many moons ago, so that's where you recognize me from. My screen name was meghann8 and my son from that group is Logan. :-)

Harmonica Man said...

That check list is actually a good idea to blog about. Normally those kinds of lists get lost in a drawer or notebook never to be seen again. IF you even get around to making one.

See, and some people think blogs are silly. Can you imagine?

Kara said...

Even though it seems like you overpack, we always tend to think "just in case...."

It's always hard to get back to the real world. Then, it seems like vacation was all just a dream.

Chels said...

I 2nd the Air freshener, and having siblings in a different car. hehe

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