Sunday, June 3, 2007

Our weekend on the lake

We went up to visit my in-laws this weekend. Craig took off work on friday so we could take a leisurely drive up and stop at IKEA and an outlet mall on the way.

It really is too bad that neither of my kids like to be on the water and hate to go fishing. K caught his first fish...he reeled in a Northern Pike when he was out fishing with his Daddy.
My favorite subject matter on the lake (outside of the kids of course!):
M went fishing several times with Poppa and Daddy and caught her share of the fish too. She actually held her first fish...braver than her Mommy! I go fishing and let Craig take any fish off the line!
I had to get Miss M a new life jacket as she'd outgrown her old one (which K is wearing now). At Wal-Mart the choices weren't the best, (Barbie or Bratz) but M loves the color purple so we have her in a Bratz life jacket. Argh.
The ride home consisted of the kids fighting and having their DVD player taken away by the mean ogre Mommy. The fights continued at home with M trying to choke K and trying to stuff his head between our entertainment center and the wall. Fun times, I tell you. I'm hoping they will get a good night's sleep and be better tomorrow.

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Sandy said...

Good times...good times!

Seriously, it looks like everyone had fun. I have very fond memories of fishing with my dad. Kurt and I are going to have to take the kids out sometime.

Bonnie B said...

It looks and sounds like it was a great vacation-- minus the car fights of course! My daughters love to go fishing and especially love to play with the poor little fish before they put them back in the water. I swear they are like a couple of cats. As for me, I like to fish. I hate to "deal" with fish. I catch and let someone else release them:)

Harmonica Man said...

Why is it the kids always seem to implode on the car rides home? Just when you want peace and quiet the most. Probably because they know the fun is over and their crabby and tired. Hey - I just answered my own question. Thanks Jeff!

Damselfly said...

Great fishing photos! And I love the covered bridge too.

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