Monday, May 21, 2007

My big girl

What happened to the infant who screamed and screamed until her Daddy came home and put her on the removable changing table that came with our pack-n-play? Her Daddy carried her around the house on that changing pad and she would gurgle and coo as though she hadn't just spent the last hour giving her Mommy a headache.
Where is the baby who suckered her Amma into letting her hold pinkies to walk all over the yard until she felt confident enough to take steps on her own?
How is it that I no longer have a one-year-old mountain climber?

Where is that not-quite-two-year-old who fought naps so strongly that she would tear apart her room and fall asleep only after working herself into exhaustion (and in the most interesting places)?
Today, she's a preschool graduate, and ready to move on to even bigger things. . . like Kindergarten.

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Mom Thumb said...

Enjoy every minute and keep taking those pictures, they are priceless!

Harmonica Man said...

Pre-school graduate today, high-school graduate tomorrow.

I'm just saying.

Kara said...

It was a big day! How does it go so fast?? I love that pick of M holding up her certificate!

Damselfly said...

Wow! When you find out how, please let me know so I can keep track of my own little one! ;)

angi said...

WONDERFUL post! *sniff*
We just celebrated the same with Ellie, but I had not let myself look back just yet. I will now, what sweet collection of memories :)

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