Wednesday, May 23, 2007


In the car:

M: Mommy, are we going lemon speed?

me: Lemon speed?

M: You know, the policeman stops you if you're not going lemon speed.

Oh. The speed limit.

At the choir school picnic:

K walks off with two tall, long-legged, blonde pre-teens.

me (catching up with him): Where are you going bud?

K: Oh, I'm just going with the girls.

Figures. It's starting already.

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Diesel said...

My car always goes lemon speed.

Today my son said his sister left her milk out "and now it has a blanket."

angi said...

Zander was just the same at Ellie's final picnic. All the girls were chasing him & wanted to hold his hand and help him with everything. He is such a ham & loved the attention!

Rotten little boys :)

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