Sunday, April 15, 2007

Random Thoughts #12

It seems that I posted not one, but TWO Random Thoughts #10s, so there is no #11, and I've skipped right to #12.

My daughter sang in church again today. I post the video because it is so cute, and because my parents missed her singing today and I thought they'd like to see it.


Reviews and Recommendations

I bought some of those Space Bags that you vacuum the air out of to make things like clothes or blankets take up less space. They work pretty slick. Shopko had them on sale half-price so they weren't as expensive as they would normally be.


I finished reading DaMomma's book last week. It's a collection of some of her early blog posts. It's hilarious, like her blog is now. The posts were just the right length that I kept the book in the car and read it while waiting to pick Miss M up from preschool.


I also finished reading How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk by Faber and Mazlish. I thought the book had some good ideas, and liked how it was split into smaller sections so that you could read just a bit at a time and still understand the concepts. I've tried to use some of the techniques they suggest, and they do work if you take the time for it. The techniques can be helpful in adult communication as well.


Last month, I had a coupon so I bought a bag of those new Pringles Select chips. I chose the sun-dried tomato variety. I found them quite tasty, and therefore they are dangerous to have in the house. I have resisted buying another bag so far.

Party Time

My kids went to a birthday party at McDonald's Playland today. They were both red-faced from running up and down the climbing toy. They've only been to the Playland 2 or 3 times before so they thought it was great. Of course neither one ate their Happy Meal supper and K only picked at his cake and ice cream. I guess that's not a bad thing though. We went home and made something better to eat anyway.


Yesterday, we partied at my brother's house to celebrate his youngest son's birthday. It seems like he was just born, he can't be 3 already. That means my baby boy will be 3 soon as well.

Happy Birthday Oogie.

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Kara said...

That book sounds like a good one, can I borrow it sometime??

Pendullum said...

Angels singing...
How wonderful!

Damselfly said...

What sweet singers!

Hey, isn't it #13, not #11, that you're supposed to avoid?! ;)

Gunfighter said...

The singers were adorable. Just adorable.

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