Saturday, April 28, 2007

Our first boating of the season...

We took our boat out for the first time this year. We had unusually warm weather (and it's supposed to continue!) so we decided to head to the Mississippi for some fun in the sun. We found a nice sand beach to park at so we could eat and the kids could play in the sand (all 3 of them).

We attempted a little fishing but the K man was pretty wiped out.

So we headed home.

I went to get some groceries at Wal-mart and was soooo happy to have gone by myself. There was a bit of a domestic dispute in the cracker aisle. It was complete with f-bombs and police intervention. I tried to concentrate on my list but it was difficult to do. One man stood at the end of the aisle and shouted "Hey! There are kids in here!" to no avail. They didn't care.

This is why I try to do my shopping on a weekday morning. Less crazy people, in theory at least. So my day was great until my shopping experience, but it's still just took a bit for me to shake that off.

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Anonymous said...

i am sooo jealous. my hubby has to work this weekend. although-the boat is all ready! u guys found a great spot it looks like. fun! fun!

Sandy said...

Those are really good photos! It looks like you all had a really nice weekend.

Kara said...

Yes, great pics! I hope the warm weather lasts!

Harmonica Man said...

I agree - beautiful pictures! As far as Wal-mart goes, that sounds like a typical day at our store.

Damselfly said...

Great pics!

Why is it crazy people do seem attracted to WalMart?!

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