Thursday, January 11, 2007

My husband is a little Sh!t!

Just have to share that my daughter and I arrived home last night after her cherub choir practice, walked into the kitchen to a HORRIBLE sight. My smart ASS husband had every kitchen cabinet door wide open. Yeah. He thinks he's pretty funny.

Okay, it might have been a little funny.

But I immediately started closing doors, of course.

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Harmonica Man said...

Yeah, but was he wearing a bra?

Sandy said...

Wow! I'd be concerned about the SAFETY issue of the children. I mean really...


Kristin said...

What a funny funny man, I live with another one of the "funny guys" in this world...makes my life a little difficult at times, but adds a lot of laughter. Even if I am laughing AT him. :) I read yor comment about my thankful post (which was very flattering, thank you :)) and stopped on over to check you out, love your blog :)

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