Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Visiting a friend...

Yesterday I drove with my children about an hour or so to meet my best friend from college. We don't get together as often as we should since we are seriously twins that must have been seperated at birth or something, but that's another story.

I placated my children with teddy grahams for the oh, 10 minutes we had to wait at the meeting site. To my kids, an eternity, but not long really...

We shopped, ate at Famous Daves, and shopped a bit more. I miss my friend, but you know, it can be a year (and it probably was) but we still fall back into the old friendship.

Her youngest (by 7 years or so) was with her. And she's beautiful just like her mom and her older sister. (their brother is handsome, but like their daddy.) She'll be 1 year on January 2, and is only about 19 lbs. I laugh since she is using my kids' baby carseat and both of my kids were out of it by 4 months. (The carseat is in the background.) Destructo Boy? Yeah. 20 lbs at 4 months.

We stopped to visit Daddy at work in Dodge Center. Miss M wanted to see the windmills, so after getting Cheetos and Twizzlers at Daddy's office we went to look at the windmills. M wanted me to take here's one:

M was coughing today so she missed preschool and we "planned" to skip choir practice as well but when we got there to drop off teacher "thank you/Christmas presents" she noticed the balloons and presents in the choir room and was suddenly completely healthy again.

Just the standard colds for MN I suppose. K insists: I sick too Mama, medicine!

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wayabetty said...

The kids are too cute!! Bribery works all the time Mom!

Kate said...

I have a similar friendship with someone I've known since we were 2. She lives in NJ and we don't get to see each other more than maybe once a year, but when we do, it's like we haven't been apart at all. It's really great to have a friendship with an old friend like that!

Sandy said...

It sounded like you had a very nice day. My best friend from college is childless, so we usually get together sans children.

Sorry to hear about M's cough. We have a bit of a bark circulating around our home, and our boys have been begging for medicine. Alex has even resorted to faking a cough to score some. I tell you, the drug companies have to stop making that stuff taste SO good.

Bonnie B said...

Those are some beautiful kids! My little ones were like scrawny too. Nikki and Abby were below 20 pounds at a year (and the pediatrician was furious-- hey if they don't want to eat, I can't make them-- plus, Abby had reflux and Nikki is just a tiny girl--get over it doc). Maggie was little but not quite as small maybe somewhere between 20 and 25 pounds. I don't know she was small. Anyway it sounds liek a great time-- and man those kids are cute!

If I don't get another chance, Merry Christmas and have fabulous New Year.

jeff.lee said...

M's not the only one who likes the windmills. More than once I've taken a detour down the road to stop and look at the windmills before heading home from MTM - especially when they're really moving.

Of course I've never once brought a camera with so I really appreciate this picture!

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