Tuesday, December 12, 2006

K's ENT visit today.

My son had yet another visit to the ENT floor of the Mayo Clinic today.

He's had ear tubes since he was 10 months or so and had either 5 ear infections in a row or one long one for 3 months...however you want to look at it. Since the tubes were put in he's had one ear infection. Totally worth the screaming that we endured as he emerged from the anesthesia after the surgery.

Every 4 months we go and K first visits the audiologist. Before he had the tubes, his hearing was not in the normal range. Since, every visit he's been in the normal range.

Today he entertained the woman who was helping. He was supposed to hit this "button" every time he heard the noise. (The button was a basketball tap light.) Instead of hitting the button, K would just announce "I heard it!" The woman would say "Okay! Hit the button!" and K would smack that button as hard as he could.

And so on every time the noises sounded.

After he hit the button a toy would turn on in a box off his left shoulder (a bear banging cymbols) or right shoulder (Bert and Ernie driving a covered wagon...with a horse pulling it).

He started to request the toy... "Now bear! Do bear!" "Do Ernie!"

So next time he goes, he graduates to using the earphones instead.

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Sandy said...

I had no idea he had such extensive issues with his ears! My younger brother had to have tubes placed in his ears, but back then it meant a hospital stay, and even then he continued to have problems. Thank goodness for medical technology!

Betty said...

I've heard a lot about kids having tubes placed in their ears to prevent ear infections, I'm glad it worked out!!

Keltybug said...

We love ear tubes. They were a salvation for us when my 7 year old was little.

Glad his hearing is doing so much better.

Kara said...

Poor little guy with all those past infections. I'm glad it's behind you now.......

Kate said...

I hear the ear tubes can be a constant thing. My niece had a similar problem. Hopefully it will get better soon!

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