Sunday, July 2, 2006

Our weekend. Bwahhhaahhaaaa.

We survived visiting the in-laws. Barely. We had 2 near catastrophes. First, the DVD player broke on the way up. Craig pulled into the next Wal-Mart and bought a new one. With two screens. Apparently we enjoy large credit card bills. At least the kids were quiet. K didn't know which screen to watch. He's so used to craning his neck to watch the show.

The second was that M couldn't find her lovie at bedtime. We thought for sure we had brought it. Luckily, I had brought a spare for K, and M was okay with using that. I don't think I have any photos of their lovies, but I'll try to post one at some point.

Other than that...the weekend was still alternately miserable and enjoyable.

My kids are not supposed to touch anything in Grammy's house. But she'll insist that they can...No wonder they're confused. So am I.

I spent the last 2 days listening to my Mother-in-Law say "ah ah ah ah" every time K got anywhere near something he wasn't supposed to touch. I really hate hearing "ah ah ah ah". K had full-blown tantrums...and she wondered out loud why they were happening. Uh. Because he's not allowed to touch anything?

My Father-in-law insists that he loves to spend time with his grandkids but will be reading the paper as K tries to climb in his lap and will say "Poppa's reading the paper." And nudge K away.

Oh and it was approximately 9000 degrees in their house. They have central air conditioning, but apparently think it's fun to make people sweat their asses off (although I could stand to lose some ass) instead of sleep at night.

We went to Superior and Duluth on Saturday. Superior to visit Craig's grandfather's (and other relatives') grave(s). Craig cleaned up the footstones that were starting to get overgrown with grass. M didn't really understand where we were, and was thankfully oblivious to Daddy's tears. On the way there, Craig started to tell her about cemeteries and the fact that dead people are there. I wanted to say "ah ah ah ah" but just jumped in with, "but that doesn't happen for a loooonnnnggg time." Just what I need, a death-obsessed kid.

Anyway. Then on to Duluth where we visited "The Depot". It is a place where you can see an art gallery, a children's museum, and a transportation museum that is mostly trains. Yeah, so my train obsessed kids just went to the trains. We didn't ride the train this time, but next year we probably will. M actually got a little scared because they had a train in the museum that looked like it was moving (the "wheels" turned). Freaked her out. She's a weird kid.

We went back to Grammy and Poppa's house and went out on the pontoon. We saw a sea plane land and then take off right in front of us. (Yeah, my kids like planes too.)

Craig and his Dad each caught big Northern Pikes. They were released because that's the rules on this lake (anything larger than 22 inches). I did take photos. Of course I can't get photos to post again. Argh.

We had lunch before we left. The standard roast beef, mashed potatoes and corn. Do you like corn? Because I think my mother-in-law has asked me this question 456,673 times since I've known her. For the record, corn is fine. I eat it. Have never craved it, but I'll eat it. And then she'll say "eat more mashed potatoes. I made too much G (her husband) will get mad". Really, there are only so many mashed potatoes you can eat...especially when you just ate breakfast 2 hours ago. And really? G is going to be mad about potatoes? Wow. He has issues.

My brother-in-law (Shawn), who is divorced, brought one of his friends this weekend. Shawn has a 15 year old son also, who my kids worship and who is wonderful at putting up with all the demands of an almost 4-year-old cousin. Anyway, Shawn's friend is 46 (just had his bday friday) and has never been married, never had kids. He has a unique perspective. My MIL, FIL and I and Tim got into a conversation about how great Craig is about spending time with his kids. I said "well, he should spend time with them, they're his kids" and Tim commented "there are a lot of guys who don't do that" (I'm looking in my FIL's direction...Mr. I've never changed a diaper) and I said "Well, I wouldn't be married to him." Silence. Particularly from FIL.

Oh, it's sort of fun to "stir the pot" now that I'm the only daughter-in-law. And I'm bigger than my FIL, height and weight wise. He's probably scared a little bit. Maybe.

Anywho. We're not going overnight anywhere for awhile. It sucks too bad. My kids may never be the same. Arrrggghhh. I may soon be insane. If I'm not already.

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Sandy said...

Ooooo...I can SO relate to the mil's visit. We have to contend with a lot of expensive Swedish glass, Hummel figurines, and little teeny tiny tea sets (I mean come on...those are just dying to be played with and eaten!).
I'm glad you liked Duluth. It's my hometown, you know. Our kids love the train museum too, but I do wonder about the high ladders/staircases they have to climb and the open windows that the kids can hang out of from 20 feet above.

Heather said...

Yeah, I spent a lot of time pulling kids back in the trains and sucking in my breath.

Craig's Dad is from Superior, so we've been to Duluth and Superior quite a bit. Still haven't made it to tour the big ship...that I can never remember the name of. Maybe next year K will be big enough that we will try it. Have you gone with your kids?

Sandy said...

It's the William A. Irvin, and no, I haven't. I have, however, almost peed my pants while touring it during Halloween when it turns into "The Ship of Ghouls."

Heather said...

From what you saw, would you take your kids on it? Is there a lot of climbing or small areas that my big butt won't fit if I have to hold little hands? Non-Halloween of course...

Will I be claustrophobic?

Dragonknitter said...

Ha... we live like 5 min. away from MIL but we CANT go because she won't let anyone in her house. She has too much stuff, clutter, hoarded treasure?.. that we cannot move around, though, I've been in there. I adamently will not have my son in there, he just started walking and I don't think it's fair to make him attempt to navigate that trap... so we go in the summer and sit outside on the steps while DH mows the grass.

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