Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stained glass at entry of Saint Mary's Hospital, Rochester, MN

I can't take credit for this photo. My Bigs (M and K) decided to enter the county fair in photography this year. Miss M asked me to drive her to the hospital so she could take this photo. I think she did an excellent job. Each person is allowed 5 entries in the photography competition. She entered 5 photos and won a ribbon on every entry. 1 first, 3 seconds (this photo won a second) and 1 third.

She totally out showed me. In my category I won 1 first and 1 third.

K man only entered 2 photos but won third on one of his entries. He also won second on a Lego sculpture he created.

I'm so proud my kids are so successful at such young ages! They can support me in my old age, right?

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